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“Corporate Strategy as an Art” will continue with some changes.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Hope you can enjoy this day which is a lovely one if we are alive.

Let me share with you some changes with this saga: Sorry I did not publish twice last week. I have decided to change the frequency of my publications with this saga. I will publish one time per week. Fridays. Every Friday. Particularly for this saga “Corporate Strategy as an Art” which requires a lot of my time, dedication and attention. So we will provide the deepest content and less history.

For the sake of showing you the historical context for each human development stage, I was trapped in historical details, and not in the profoundness of the corporate strategy themes. Not good. I have to correct my mistake. And the purpose of this blog is related to my core which is the corporate strategy.

As you know, in addition,  my online publications are in parallel to the consulting activities I am searching for and looking for actively. I don´t earn anything with my blog, I have not monetized one single penny with it. It is a gift for all of you. Nevertheless, I have to make a living, and I must re-balance everything I do integrally (personal hobbies, sports, professional activities). To write is my passion, but I also write analysis and consulting reports if I get consulting mandates.  I do hope to find consulting with development or cooperation entities, and I need to focus some time for that.

The pace of my blog publications will slow down for the benefit of all of you. Thanks for your understanding.

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