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Why did I put the latest saga “Corporate Strategy as an art” on hold?

One of my readers contacted me, asking Why did I put the last saga “Corporate Strategy as an art” on hold? And here it is my answer.

The reason why I did not continue the last saga “Corporate Strategy as an art” and I left it in on hold when understanding the Athens-Greece cultures, has nothing to do with lack of “ history informative sources”. We all can find zillions of information when we google them. In El Salvador, there are a few libraries with some good encyclopedias, but not the type of analysis I am looking for. My point of view is based on updated history but beyond history.

thinking isMy corporate strategy analysis depends on the accuracy of historians and archaeologists. And the reason why I stopped this saga, has nothing to do with lack of information about general “history of art”. It is more the real fact that the beauty of visual arts has always been disconnected from the economy or business models from the point of view of the corporate strategy, and my goal is to link both universes. As a corporate strategist, I need to work in conjunction with historians of art, and historians, and archaeologists and sit down to analyze the things differently. And I can´t afford to make this research without sponsors. Not at the moment. In addition, the historians and archaeologists I would like to work with are living outside my home country El Salvador. The most cutting-edge Historians and Archaeologists researchers do know better than me, that they will have to update and rewrite history by watching and observing artistic expressions to understand what each of the leaders´history had in mind (their brain mental frames). Their role has to be linked with understanding the mental frames or decision making of the leaders in history (emperors, monarchs, kings and queens, presidents, private sector leaders, etc), and how can we connect the dots of the new discoveries with corporate strategy. This is not simple. It is a huge job, a multidisciplinary one. It will require a lot of efforts, research funding and a team which will have to dedicate several years to conclude.

not-impossibleIn addition, there is a new original theme that I discovered inside the roadmap “Corporate Strategy as an Art” that I would like to engage as my P.H.D. thesis or doctorate in business administration (in strategy) when I get the possibility to leave El Salvador.  “Corporate Strategy as an Art” is a serious research project, and I stopped to do it because I need to do it with historians and archaeologists of higher prestige. That is why I decided to postpone it.

In summary: Honestly, I started to write this past saga with a skim approach, and in the process, I discovered it is not on my possibilities to do it alone without the support of historians and archaeologists which have already understood what I am writing about. They know the huge shift that we have to do. As a result, my saga “Corporate Strategy as an Art” is on hold until I can find sponsors to prepare it at a top level I wish to do it. Or at least until I can join a top Ph.D. program outside El Salvador.

Next week, I will continue with a new episode of my current saga “Revenge Strategy, wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless”. It will be about Hitler´s mental frame portrait, and we will start to analyze the WWII legacy on our strategic mindset.

Blessings, Eleonora



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