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Revenge strategy, wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless (XXXIII): GMO´s reflections before the numbers.

gmo demon seeds

This is digital art from Kevin Dillon (2010).  The name: “Gmo Demon Seeds”. He has written: “Genetically modified seeds, 90% of corn in the USA, is GMO. Other types of crops are now being planted. Very little to no long term testing has been done, on this food, and effects on our food chain. This type of seed planted in outside fields and cross-pollinate organic crops. If nothing is done, within 10 years most of all the food you will be able to buy or grow, 90% will be GMOs”. Source. Fine Art America.

Have a beautiful Friday.  I won´t be very technical today.  Today, I have been writing and editing from a Starbucks in town. In order to keep you on tip-toes about GMOs, I had to postpone a meeting that I arranged previously,  for next week. It is the first meeting with an independent representative of one editorial in town. As you know, I am exploring possibilities to publish my first book. Nevertheless, today I need to finish to write this revenge strategy example over the week, which can´t be taken lightly.

Let´s start today with our discoveries. Since the beginning of the GMO´s utilization in our lives, this industry has been a subject of debate, commercial battles and trade conflicts. Particularly as of the 90s decade. Still, this war is not over. Moreover, many of the side effects or consequences of using GMOs in our food consumption and the environment have started to uprise. 30 years later after their commercialization origins.

Let´s start:

Are the GMOs something good or not for human beings?

I would like to state that my personal opinion may not be the one that everyone likes. Particularly those who are directly involved with the biotechnology and genetic engineering, GMO seeds and adjacent products industries. But I wish to share my personal thoughts in relation to it before I show you the numbers tomorrow. And I will be a tough cookie this time.

I believe there is a huge risk of using GMOs for our health, our environment, and the planet ecosystems.  Science is a particular field that has been growing with the usage of new technologies. Laboratories have perfected their processes, and in their search for discoveries, they have tried to become God. And sorry, that is a sin. Humans are not God. Humankind can´t take the role of the Master of the Universe who left us with all the solutions to our problems since the creation of the original nature. I understand the good intentions of the GMOs industry for the long run, but this industry started with a premise that was wrong: by modifying the genetics of the seeds. This single action was demeaning the original nature that God granted us to care for his original seeds thousands of years ago. One thing is to try to improve our crops and animals, by traditional breeding. Another thing is to alter the genes of species with the purpose of making money. Are you following me? What do you think? Are GMOs good? Are GMOs bad? Let´s continue…

Are GMO´s safe?

The GMO industry started by the decade of the 90s. I will limit the following reflection to the seeds (I won’t speak about hormone modification to animals today).  Just the seeds. Once upon a time, the companies that sold seeds decided to sell altered seeds. Yes, they wanted to improve the yields, protect the crops from pests and make them resistant to weather. All good according to their brain thoughts. But they altered the natural seeds by genetic engineering. And they decided to sell them to farmers, who use them to produce more seeds. 30 years of this industry are still not enough to visualize if these genetically modified foods are safe or not for our consumption. In consequence, GMOs should have never been marketed in the first place, without at least testing the products for at least 4 generations (between 80 to 100 years). It is not possible to sell something that has not been tested for generations ahead when it comes to our food. Let´s remember we are what we eat.

The GMO industry is just another example of our wrong thinking when it comes to the incorrect corporate strategy design. It is not safe to think “let´s invent something, sell it, and then after its roll-out, and millions of profits, we will see what happens with the humans who consumed them”. Oh my God, what irresponsibility. I mean, this is serious. Some group of people decided 30 years ago, to alter the seeds with a genetic engineering process, then they decided to get some kind of approval, and started to sell genetically modified seeds par rapport as we sell a hat or a chemise or a sofa… without testing the consequences of these products in humans for at least 4 generations ahead, without testing the genetic pollution of species into the environment and the impact into the rest of taxonomic categories on earth”. Common, were they insane?

The correct way to think at that time (in the 90s) should have been: let´s not use genetical engineering to alter our seeds. Point. Punto y final.

I am terrified to read how scientists, did not regulate themselves. Neither the regulators stop them 30 years ago. What annoys me the most, is the manipulation of the crops´original genes or DNA. At this time the GMOs have destroyed the purity of the original seeds… and practically we can only find virgin seeds in certain parts of the Middle East and Asia.

We are what we eat.

huevos de gallina india.jpgLet me explain with an example: I live in a country where I can still find what we call “huevos de gallina India or huevos de Amor”. These eggs come from hens that are fed with natural insects and zero GM seeds. In other countries, these eggs are called organic. Nevertheless, if you taste the “huevos de gallina india”, they are completely delightful to our palate, the look of the yolk is almost orange in comparison to the pale eggs produced in farms where the hens are fed with GMO bird concentrates. If we test both types of eggs, our own palate or roof of the mouth is telling us that something is wrong with the non-organic eggs. The taste is inconsistent. We don´t need to go to a science laboratory to take proof of the difference. In consequence, I believe something is wrong when industries feed the chicken and hens with genetically modified seeds or concentrate. The problem with seeds is that other animals that we generally eat, are also fed with seeds or concentrates which have been manufactured with genetically modified processes. That is the case of other types of poultry such as duck, goose, turkey, pigeons. The same applies to all types of livestock used to produce dairy: milk, natural cheese, processed cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. The same applies to pork´s meat. The same applies to beef, veal, lamb, goats, fish, shellfish, etc.

The contamination of seeds has an impact beyond the crops. The environment gets contaminated. The animals eat GM food and this is translated to our own food. It is a contamination chain that started with the alteration of seeds… 30 years ago.

In addition, it is not a coincidence that nowadays, there are more people dying of cancer. Something wrong we have done to our diets. We are what we eat, and people are dying because of weird sicknesses, given the lack of certainty of what are we eating. Water, land, and air are affected by GMOs. Pollinators as bees, transfer the weird effects of GMOs to other species, and genetic mutations have affected the purity of our food. Our ancestors ate pure food.  Now we have no idea what type of food are we eating. We have no idea if the GMOs are causing us to die earlier, or not.

This week as a bonus, I will post three times. Tomorrow we will continue with: Who is who in this industry?  Which are the risks and benefits of GMOs on the environment? What are the dangers and gains associated with GMO crop consumption? Why the European Union has resisted the widespread use of genetically altered seeds, anticipating harmful effects on human health? Is it a premonition of genetic disasters?

Thank you. See you tomorrow. Blessings and bonne Nuit!

painting watercolor

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.







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