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Cheery Thanksgiving Day! Let´s celebrate it with joy.

Good morning to all my readers.

Next week we will continue exploring the US-China Trade War. But today is one of the most relevant days for the United States of America people. I wish you a lovely day, full of family experiences that can be a treasure for the next year. Thanksgiving is really a blessing. To respect and celebrate the beginning traditions which are linked to thankfulness for our survival, family´s love and the miracle of nature giving us the top gifts we can cherish, as comfort food, family, and shelter is really a benediction.

May the United States of America continue being an appreciative community that has tons of reasons to be overwhelmed, grateful, thankful and blessed. As much as they have shared immeasurable goodness with me, I am convinced; it would return to them (al ciento por uno).

Happy Thanksgiving day!

Birdie on a Freedom Wire protectedxblog

“Birdie on a Freedom Wire”, by Eleonora Escalante. When I was painting this canvas, I thought of China-USA trade war. If you wish to buy it, please, let me know. Thanks.


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