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Losing our brains with disruptive technologies (XXIII): A prelude to Coronavirus analysis.

Today´s post is a new one of the disruptive technologies linked to the activity “cure”.

Even-though I craved to dedicate several publications to the nutrition “prevention cure” activities and its related associated technologies; I will only analyze this theme (in this saga) with an example that is concerning us everywhere: the corona-virus disease.

I will dedicate a couple of weeks to this example, that is why I extended the deadline of this epic. Find the updated outline:

Losing Our brains with disrupt tech outline 18march 2020

A newly updated outline. We have extended the deadline for two weeks.

Nevertheless be aware, that the Coronavirus is just a simple example of a threat that humans have forgotten to tackle. The fact that globalization and communications technologies through the Internet have triggered an extremely interconnected world, makes these archetypes of pandemics more threatening than in the past. In consequence, you can extend this framework analysis and the following publications to any other contagious disease similar to those that have affected us in the past as pandemics: such as the Black Death or bubonic plague  (XVII century); the Smallpox (the 1800s), the  Spanish influenza flu (from the beginning of XX century); the Asian H2N2 Flu from 1957; the HIV since the 80s decade; the Swine H1N1 Flu of 2009; and the deadly EBOLA outbreaks that have happened in several African countries recently.

Regardless of the outcome when it comes to these type of contagious diseases, our global economy empowered by the Internet is so reticulated and integrated by the current transportation systems and logistics, that private and public sector leaders must be prepared for them in advance.  Just remember that in history, the viruses or bacteria used to spread at the speed of a steamboat. Nowadays, anyone can be contaminated without even visiting an airport, but by simply taking a bus, or a cab, or trains, or by accident by not keeping a social distance from another asymptomatic impaired. Those who were using airport facilities are most in danger to get diseases because they were able to have contact with so many people, employing high-speed planes which are so abruptly moving simultaneously between countries and cities.   Regardless that health-care systems are “very sophisticated”,  despite that information flows through social media tools and email,  and that telemedicine can be used to diagnose and monitor people using smartphones or tablets, the rationale behind these set of articles is that we as a society are not ready or we are simply school-age children to learn how to cope and tackle uncertain diseases.

Let me share the “Losing your brains with disruptive technologies-Cure” outline for the following publications (next 2 weeks):

  1. Antecedents or Preliminary Background of the Coronavirus.
  2. The shape of this viral infectious disease.
  3. Effects when lacking preparedness (concerning an uncertain pandemic)
  4. Society isolated.  Benefits and Issues.
  5. The global economy and its bemols when it comes to health contagion.
  6. Disruptive technologies and methodologies applied to attack the sickness. Different approaches. Pros and Cons.
  7. How to keep going when in times of a pandemic.

Please take care of yourself a lot. My advice is for the prevention of being infected and proper care for those who are already sick. The protection must be outrageous high for government officials, doctors, nurses, and health-care personnel. Prevent the Coronavirus spread as much as possible. That is key! The more you restrain from being infected, the faster we will be out of quarantine.  On the other hand: Those who are potentially at risk to be sick or are sick must be quickly quarantined at health quarantine centers with medical supervision. Try to don´t contaminate your families if you are already sick and stay at home. From the point of view of the health-care value chain, there must be an emergency strategic plan for every single angle.  Procurement of equipment,  coronavirus tests, and trained physicians on reserve list who can handle, must cyclically be ongoing.

  • If you are already sick, take all the precautions and search for medical observation and care.
  • If you are sick and you don´t know, try to get tested as soon as possible. Get tested for the Coronavirus disease (get confirmation from your M.D. if you are really tested for Covid19).
  • If you are not sick (and completely sure that you have not gotten the disease), isolate yourself for a few days.
  • Stay in tune with generally accepted reliable sources of information. Avoid social media fake news, please.
  • Finally, if you belong to the 1% of the rich population who has 44% of the global wealth or 158.3 trillion dollars, I beg you to donate or gift part of your networth to developing countries which won´t be able to get out of this pandemic without your sustenance. We need economic relief, proper nourishment, decent guidance from the top specialists who have already experienced these emergency issues in other similar epidemics. We also need the encouragement and the faith that we will be able to surf out of this wave if we do the recommended measures to keep our society alive.
  • global wealth

The economy can´t stop for more than a certain number of days – let´s say a quarantine or 40 days – (please check this number with the health coronavirus experts), otherwise when economies shut down more than a reasonable number of days, what will happen is that societies get weak, and their backbone structures debilitate. In addition, other potential disorders can be triggered in other domains. But in order to prevent collateral damage, it is crucial to maintain people working from home,  eating and with the hope that things will be better off after a few weeks. Government support for those who are heavily impacted, and for those who have lost their jobs is required. The informal workers, freelance and social entrepreneurs, like me, also need economic assistance. Don´t underestimate that the coronavirus economic effects can undermine political compositions too, and it doesn´t matter how many mobile Smartphones, or data analysis or algorithm manipulation we hang out with.  Sick people without basic services, food and shelter are capable of the worst.

I will leave you here. Be aware that I am trying to figure out some strategic ideas on how to contain future social anarchy and chaos when it comes an occasion of a pandemic. Particularly when there are other social or extremist dangers around. Technology won´t substitute the basics that people need when in emergency situations. Blessings and tons of hugs.

Sources of reference utilized on this post:

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

Thank you for reading to me.


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