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Losing our brains with disruptive technologies (XL): Sex-Reproduction affected by NAIQI technologies.

A surprised giraffe x blog edited

“Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, this is a surprised baby giraffe”. A handmade watercolor, by Eleonora Escalante 2020. Made with love on paper Fabriano5 210 GSM. Size: 5 “x 7”. If you wish to buy it let me know.

Today is my last post for this saga. I have been surfing the waves about the last 20 years’ main “consumer-driven” technologies that have affected the principal human activities. After the Internet and Smartphones began to be ubiquitous, our communications changed completely. We started to change the fixed communication mode to the mobile connectedness modus vivendi. The entire nanotechnologies industries provided the mechanisms or the perfect cultivation of tiny and flat gadgets and devices to make our existence “different” than in the past. What surprises me or makes me nervous and extremely worried is that we assumed those technologies without discernment or testing for long term purpose creation in just a short timeline for such a huge change: just 20 years! Not good.

For those of you who read my blog, and are the core of Generation Z (all of you who have been born after the year 2000), I beg your understanding. You were born with the Internet and all the NAIQI technologies in full development or in place. Generation X and the eldest of the Millennial generation at least grasped some type of vivid experiences without the word “Internet”. And that is why we have a different perspective than you. In order for Gen Z to understand what we talk about, the Internet has to shut down for several years so they can experience what is to study, live, and to play (entertain) without the “online” lifestyle and without the NAIQI disruptions (NAIQI is the combo tech that means Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence – automation and robotics are here included-, Quantum Supremacy, and the Internet)

My words of today don´t grow as an artisan. I have told you repeatedly that as an engineer and financial specialist, I was always a tech originator and follower of the most updated technologic trends. I worked as Head of E-Commerce for a Structured Finance Swiss division of one of the most high-tech conglomerates in the world (ABB), at a time when the Internet was just starting its revolution (the year 2000). At that time I was part of the Generation X pioneers of what is today Fintech industries, in consequence, my words of today don´t flourish as a null-tech person. Not at all. But with the years, I have observed the excessive imbalance that NAIQI tech has done to our brain capacity to think properly, the damage that NAIQI tech has done to our ethical values, and the pain that NAIQI tech will cause in the future because of shortage of long-term vision, lack of certainty,  absence of cybersecurity and the enlargement of social inequality.

During the last 20 years, I have witnessed how our disruptive technologies have placed a whole generation (Millenials and emerging Zers) who has difficulties in prioritizing and mapping the real causes of problems, and so, without deep understanding of the problems roots,  the solutions are also not appropriate for the most difficult pains of the world. I also have watched all the damage that these have caused to our cultural traditions and centuries of popular knowledge.  Being said, I can´t stay quiet, looking all this mess, watching how the youngsters are being twisted at their essential role in the planet.

Don´t underestimate the power of nature. Certainly, the Coronavirus is just a tiny example of what may happen when humans are not prepared. No technologies or math models have been able to save us from death in several cities all over the world. Not even Singapore or South Korea, with all the high-end testing and tracking technologies alone, were able to control de virus without a lockdown. Seclusion was the key. Only the confinement strategy has been proved to be successful against the virus propagation. In relation to climate change, no technologies have saved us yet. Animals are in danger of extinction and so do we. And our civilization is simply heading to destroy itself by pursuing an imbalanced wrong roadmap because we have confused the technological medium with the essence of reality. The 4th Industrial Revolution can´t be deployed with such dramatic levels of current inequalities. They will cause more irregularities and social gap between the rich and the poor. When the brain development of people is lagging behind the technologies, there is a disaster.

Today it is the turn to write about sex activities. How the latest disruptive technologies have affected humans in their quest to (1) attract the opposite sex or mating; (2) to have sex; and (3) to reproduce (have babies). Sorry for not being too profound in terms of describing the list of innumerable technologies that started to emerge after the condom and the pill. I won´t provide the details. You can google terms as “digital sex, sex technologies” or do a search in any of your favorite social media platforms, and you will find a lot of stuff on the cybernetic world… I will limit my “aujourd´ hui” literary production to provide some philosophical  “strategic ethical judgments” for you as a general railway on how we should discern and put boundaries when it comes to these subjects. Let´s start:

  1. Sex is one of the most beautiful actions that God has gifted us. It is holy. It can´t be taken lightly or for fun or casually. Sex has to be cherished, protected under the matrimony of a man and a woman, and privately owned by the couple involved in it. It is the cherry at the top of your cappuccino when it comes to love someone with whom you have a formal and serious relationship. Sex is a delightful pleasure for those who love each other, a man and a woman that wish to not only express affection and respect for each other but for building a family. This is the premise of sex. If this premise is broken or damaged by technologies or something else, we must not pursue it.
  2. The Internet has opened a door to expand massive online pornography, sexual abuse, virtual pedophile, violations, abuse of power, sex trafficking, and prostitution at a global level. Even the most “safe” online dating platforms are contaminated with all these things. Many of you will argue that before the Internet, all these sex abusive behaviors co-existed, but with the Internet and social media, the sex degradations and its pathologies expanded virally to anywhere, 24/7.
  3. Numerous “online” platforms abound to make a mercantile offer with the sex misuses, degradations or perversions named above. The Internet provides the perfect platform to hide sex crime when it comes to sex commerce of any type. This is inadmissible.
  4. When it comes to sex toys using NAIQI technologies, these must not be attempted, neither designed, neither exposed at expo tech events such as the CES Las Vegas, etc. It is not ethical to sell or buy or use sextoys and we shouldn´t use them.
  5. For those who have psychological health problems when it comes to sex or reproduction, which is happenning a lot nowadays, technologies won´t cure your illness either. Many have used the Viagra pill for erection or a digital vibrator to stop frigidity, and these procedures won’t solve your problem either. Any of these emotional issues are cured with patience, psychological treatment and real love, that can´t be forced neither triggered by artificial means… When it comes to sex illnesses of a physical nature, I´ll leave the answer to the doctors who know better than me the limitations of the technologies in place. Sex enhancement must not be automatically digital. It is a lack of respect to love. Again I am not an expert on these issues, because I am not married yet and I am not experienced in these matters , but sex improvement comes with supernatural everlasting love. That´s it.
  6. When it comes to Assisted Reproduction Technologies: Humans have lost its way. Anything that is not natural when it comes to procreation, should not be permitted to be sold. The majority of assisted reproduction technologies are going to extremes. In our search for having babies companies have not been able to discern when to stop to sell all what is available in the market in relation to sex. There are certain technologies that are ethical and help those couples to reproduce without undermining their ethical values, and these fully comply under the law of God, but there are some which have put our human development in trouble. I am against using genetic engineering to produce cloned humans or to guide the features for the next human specie to be born. I am against them 100%. There are certain exceptions in which an “individual” genetic modification can cure a person with a rare disease, but I see these cases as one in 7 billion possibilities experiments that won´t alter our genomics neither will cause genetic pollution to our human species.

We can´t be God. The human race has survived for more than 100,000 years with or without sex technologies. We must stop all the sexual misuse and explotiation that has been triggered by digital technologies. The whole NAIQI tech can open sexual harm to unbelievable levels in the future, it is already harming the minds of the Generation Z which are insensible to many thing; and even with the tough kind of EU regulation or cyber policemen following the cyber perpetrators and cyber offenders, the law enforcement systems are lagging behind with a slow in progress rhythm in comparison to what the sex market is driving through “online”:

Losing Our brains with Disr technologies final outline 24 april 2020

I beg decision makers and leaders who make corporate strategy at your companies and international organizations to open your eyes please: The last 20 years of NAIQI tech can´t change all our evolution.  Not even 200 years of sex technology research justify us to go forward and proceed with NAIQI tech at the sex-reproduction activities, and the rest of activities shown below.  Please let´s make the effort after the Coronavirus Pandemic, to put some balance, to stop to damage to our natural species, to keep our beautiful natural  wonderful inherited lifestyle that we had before this crisis.

A last word about using disruptive tech in education and entertainment: It is shameful to see kids and students at home without their schools and classrooms lifestyle. I understand it is a temporary global sacrifice meanwhile we find a Coronavirus vaccine, but for me it is frightful and a tragedy to cut the freedom of exploration of humans to the natural earth.

A virtual life is not real, it is simply a myth. We can´t proceed to believe that a seclusion period of a unique Coronavirus pandemic season is the new normal. Once the Coronavirus finds a cure, we will be happy to return to what we had. I miss my freedom to go out to the park, swim daily, or going to walk outside, etc. In a moment of a Coronavirus crisis, we cant´ leave the leaders of the NAIQI technologies to organize our future world. It is like leaving the door open to robbers and crime, it is like an irresponsibility to decide in times of crisis for the next Millenium of future generations. That is not correct. We can´t proceed to make decisions of this nature when in times of pandemic emergencies.

This saga is finished. Done. Concluded.  I will return with the summary and conclusions episode next week, before moving forward to my succeeding saga “On eagle´s wings”.

corntigaja: On Eagle's Wings : They that wait upon the LORD shall ...

Thank you so much for reading to me during “Losing our minds with disruptive technologies” saga.  With love. Eleonora Escalante

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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