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Losing our brains with disruptive technologies (XLI): Epilogue

A surprised giraffe x blog edited

“Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, this is a surprised giraffe”. A handmade watercolor, by Eleonora Escalante 2020. Made with love on paper Fabriano5 210 GSM. Size: 5 “x 7”. If you wish to buy it let me know.

Today is the epilogue esthesis of this saga. What is the purpose of writing about “Losing our brains with disruptive technologies”  without a wrap-up article? Here we are ending it as it should be. During the last quarter, there were days in which I was so busy trying to accomplish “Losing our brains with disruptive technologies” deadline, that my mind was blurry.  Palm Sunday (our saga deadline) came as the goal, and I was much troubled about finishing it as previously announced, that I was not able to squeeze my mental capacity and intelligence. That´s when I hit pause. And instead, I extended it for some days more, not because I was not able to infer the strategic reflections that I was trying to send you “on-line”, but because I was shocked by the Coronavirus pandemic which started in the middle of this epic.

Losing Our brains with Disr technologies final outline 24 april 2020

NAIQI technologies – Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (Automation and robotics are included here), Quantum supremacy, and the Internet- are not the pythons in the game. NAIQI has not been utilized properly and competently. There are certain emergency matters which confront our preconceived ideas in relation to the universe. The Coronavirus pandemic is one of them, as much as the viral effects of expansive fake news, lack of privacy, and cybersecurity of the Internet. But there are several urging situations in the globe that we have not been able to sort out, for centuries of centuries. The new NAIQI technologies have put those issues at our door, with the sound of a click. But NAIQI technologies are simply a consequence,  the evidence of our lack of good thinking. NAIQI technologies have shaken the urging priorities that need to be solved first before proceeding further. The notion that the digital economy will save us from now and then is extremely wrong. As much as NAIQI technologies opened the information flows to all, the Coronavirus has also disrupted NAIQI technologies´ plans forever.

NAIQI TECH was moving forward heading us to a “bright” future of “online” lifestyle when the Corona times appeared. The NAIQI tech roadmap was creating an imbalance and more inequality before Coronavirus. And these situations are simply a manifest of where we stand up. Each of us is standing on a surface that seemed to be solid when in reality is as fragile as a “Salpor de Almidón”. For those who are Iberoamerican, we probably have similar cookies in our countries and you will get the metaphor. For the rest, a “Starch salpor” is a cookie that crumbles and melts in your mouth when you bite them, and it is a very fragile type of biscuit.

salpor de arroz

Salpores de almidón salvadoreños: Source:

Our world is like a “starch salpor”. The NAIQI technologies have come to show us a combo of realities that have been ignored or even dismissed as a high-status theme, not because they were not known by the leaders, but because the way our brains think was not putting the priorities correctly. We select leaders that could guide our nations and profess a certain type of mental frame which could solve these problems, but the reality is that without a correct and balanced thinking capacity structure, decision making goes sour, it affects for worst than for the better. It procures insane competitiveness above cooperation.

The problem is not NAIQI tech, it is how humans think to use them to destroy what is really beautiful in our civilization. Instead of using NAIQI tech to solve what is important for our sustainability, we simply use our minds to find a way in which we can make money, as quickly as we can, without measuring the consequences on the rest of the planet and the next generations. We have confused the tech medium with the core. Instead of using them as balanced methodologies to be efficiently equitable, we have put them at the center of our endeavors, and when we do that, we certainly destroy what makes us humans in the first place.

Since the beginnings of our existence, maybe 100,000 years ago, humans started to evolve, and they were able to conquer the planet against the rest of the species. “Maintenant”, a petit micro size virus has conquered us in less than 4 months. How could it be? We simply were not prepared for such catastrophic pandemic causes of disasters. The Coronavirus appeared at a moment in which our civilization was considering to upgrade to Industry 4.0 (some countries have already started this transition some years ago). Even though that Coronavirus sickness has caused pain and grief to many families all over the world, this pandemic is just a sign that we must consider changes “urgently” of all what are we doing,  particularly before going back to “work”.

It doesn´t make sense to me if we continue deploying all our business plans (previous to Coronavirus) with NAIQI tech, including crypto-currencies and the rest of the technologies that we have visited through these last 4 months. One micro virus has put the world topsy-turvy, we are on risk to lose more than 1/4 of jobs of the planet, particularly if we are not careful enough to take care of our health first. Ironically we still believe that we were doing fine with NAIQI technologies before the pandemic.  We have to admit that we were not going well in that direction. And we must figure out what to do next.  Either we fix it now, or the navigation will continue hurting us later.

Digital capitalism depends on a flourishing economy. It depends on digital advertising expenditures and online sales. Digital Capitalism doesn´t sound harmonious when in recession. For example, many digital companies without ads sponsorship or on-line sales can´t survive. In the case of a recession triggered by a pandemic, all that “digital business model” may disappear. By now, more than 30% of digital advertising has dropped all over the world, and even the great companies as Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon, or Twitter will inevitably erode their net profits more if the world doesn´t heal first from the corona pandemic.

Our journey summarized. We started a campaign about how each of our human basic activities has been impacted (for the better and for the worse) by NAIQI tech during the last 20 years. We sprang with breathing, then we passed to thinking, we analyzed the eating-drinking and feeding activities. We also did strategic reflections about how our senses (see, touch, speak, listen, respire) are being wedged with NAIQI technologies. We also studied the cleaning tasks that are breaking off with them. Our sleeping capacity has been hurt by the excessive use of screen time. Education has also been affected, promoting sluggish brains unable to innovate without internet tools. Our transportation and moving state is not out of this impact either. The interaction, communication, and media have been completely transformed leaving industries such as (writing and publishing without money to pay the journalists); meanwhile, the doctors are contaminated with Coronavirus trying to use all the NAIQI tech that has proven to be immediately useless when it comes to urgent response to attack a virus sans cure. Our centuries of recreation traditions have been dismissed because little kids do not like to go out to parks to play with other kids or to play with their pets. All the latter, meanwhile the same surveillance protection technologies are putting us in more danger because of a lack of privacy and non-controlled hackers.

Now I wonder, what are we doing with our planet? If after the Coronavirus, we don´t act to change our thinking when it comes to NAIQI tech, we will continue destroying our beautiful heritage from God. If we don´t start to put the right priorities in order, when it comes to our work activities, we will continue making the same mistakes than before the Coronavirus appeared.

To think differently starts at home. It starts with mom and dad, by helping kids to understand that nature and the ecosystem are more important than the Smartphone and making money with efficient value chains. It begins at school and universities, when professors and students are able to rule their learning time with a tidy balance, at a rule of 80 traditional education-20 digital education.  It sets about learning to use bikes and non-pollution methods of transportation. It kicks out to recover our food-traditional values of production, caring for the environment, helping the local farms to grow to feed us with their best healthy organic local giving. It offsets by treasuring paper books, supporting authors and artistic professionals, by attending their performances and buying paper literature instead of downloading PDF books at zero cost. It commences when we stop the abuse of designing smart cities, but we decide to develop and help little rural villages (which are completely abandoned since every younger wants to live in the city). It rises when youngsters feel attracted to return back to their roots, their original communities, to make them grow again. Many millennials are worried that they won´t be able to buy a city house or city apartment when probably it is at their origin village (in the locality of their ancestors), rural settlements crying for their presence.  It also starts out by considering preventive natural traditional medicine that can keep our immune system on point. It starts when we can mix the good of globalization with the excellence of the local communities.  It begins by igniting the research intellectual capacity at PhDs and universities… in a way to start solving issues of first high status such as climate change, the pandemics, the nuclear armament, wars powered by inequality, lack of food security, and the immense and limitless abuse of the NAIQI tech…

Living in Corona times will be a challenge. For everyone. There is a need to put our world in balance.  It is a global effort. It will require a bottom-up approach and an up-bottom approach. It will require the USA, Eurozone, China, and the rest of us together. It will demand a transformative change of thinking. It will require a transformation of the current value chains. NAIQI tech industries and their leaders will have to go back and change what was conceived wrong, probably just to find the causes of such limitations, they will need to return to the moment in which they lighted the imbalance of the economic systems. The same NAIQI tech will demand the government regulations that were never in the first place. NAIQI tech will be obliged to help to solve the priority issues that they have created to our brains.

My next saga “On eagles wings: our recovery from Coronavirus” will start on May 1st. I will publish every Friday only. I have to look for consulting mandates if I wish to survive in these Coronatimes. Finally, I just wish to say thanks. Gracias for staying with me, reading each of these episodes since January. I appreciate your patience, endurance, and consideration. Again, thank you for reading to me.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.




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