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On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus (I): Awakening

“On eagles wings: our recovery from coronavirus”.

Have a beautiful weekend. This is the first day of May 2020. I am charmed with the beginning of May, particularly during Corona times, it is blissful to be alive. It is marvelous to have a new day to write to you. Regardless of our troubles, our losses, and difficulties, we will emerge with hope and faith.

Baby elephant x blog
“Take care of the elephants”. A petit watercolor, handmade with love by Eleonora Escalante. Size: 5″ x 7″. Paper Fabriano5 240 GSM. If you wish to buy it let me know.

This new saga is all about faith. Faith after the storm. Trust after the lockdown. The reliance that better days will come. The certainty that we all move up from the bottom of our financial losses. The benevolence after the tragedy. The hope in the middle of despair. The reconstruction and reparation after destruction.

The Corona-times have not been easy. Every country that has practiced a required imprisonment “at home” for the sake of protecting the “elders or grandparents” have done a sacrifice for them. Still many have lost their lives, and many more are mourning their losses. Each soul that has departed us is no longer here and that is uncomfortable, particularly torturing for those who couldn´t say goodbye. My deep feelings of empathy and condolences for you.

The sacrifice to shut down our economic systems has been painful. But we must be gratified of trying to protect the most vulnerable ones. At least we chose to do it. Those societies who let die the “elders” have lost their unequal solidarity, and maybe they will need to review their values again. We, the majority decided to leave our daily routines and jobs “on hold”, with the uncertainty that we wouldn´t recover them after the pandemic. Even for those who positively believed it was “only” a period of 6 weeks of “at home” vacation, the fatigue of uncertainty, and the meaning of solitude also appeared in our seclusion. Even for those who have been busy with kids.

Regardless if we were connected online or not, now its time to start thinking about how to move on. In El Salvador, we will still continue under at home solitariness until May 16th. In Asia and some countries of Europe, the reduction of the isolation measures has started. I have begun to read that each country has a “plan” to re-enter to work again. And from seclusion to mobility, the governments have initiated to reduce the intensity of the lockdown measures.

The virus took us suddenly. No country was prepared to blast it. Even those anti-flu experts from the Asian countries. During the last quarter, we also have discovered the hurt of closing our businesses and endeavors, our trips and our ventures, or the difficulties to use NAIQI technologies to appraise what we don´t know, or maybe we had to put our dreams on hold. For those entrepreneurs and CEOs who decided to lay off talented and treasured people, we assume it wasn´t fair. But for them, there was no way to keep the companies enlivened.  Meanwhile, in the hospitals, the health and medical heroes were fighting the battle to save the lives of those who sadly got caught by the virus; the whole productive system and their respective industries were simply shut down to avoid a multitude of contagions that the health system couldn´t bear to care for.

“On eagles wings: our recovery from coronavirus” saga will be an uncommitted and loose saga. No outline. No deadline. No preceding expectations for each episode. I will write freely and unconditionally. Some episodes will be mathematical and data analytical. Some will be simply an adventure of ideas to recover our spirit. Some of the next episodes will be dedicated to big corporations that will need to start fresh and new again. With new premises. New balanced value propositions. New products and services which care for the environment. New existent technology paradigms that will need to be reviewed to keep the sanity of our brains. New integral and even business models. New corporate strategies. All-new, with an unapologetic advantage of starting again knowing there are many things we need to change for our survival.

A new corporate strategy for the next generations. While some of my episodes will inspire the small and medium enterprises from the industries that were hit the most (leisure, hospitality, consumer services, travel, food and drink restaurants, personal care, giga-digital proletarians who have lost their ad sponsorship, construction, arts, freelancers, etc); some of my next episodes will be critical meanwhile others will be ennobling. Maybe there will be a post that I will exercise a quick outburst beat, and the next one it will be a slow pace of sentiments. Whatever the happening, each post will be delimited by my area of a specific domain, the new corporate strategy for the next generations. I am not sure how long this saga will last, but I also hope it will be outstanding as long as it is needed.

Expect us each  Tuesday and each Friday of the week. As I already expressed, we will publish two  times per week.  I will try to prepare better and unfathomable content, reducing the frequency of my publications to only twice a week. For those who wish to buy my aquarelles studios or 100% original work, let me know through this website inbox. The pricing of my watercolors depends on its size, the time, and the difficulty degree that has taken me to paint them. The range for these exquisite originals is between $150.00 (for a 5” x 7”) up to $4,000 (for a 30” x 40”). If I use a reference photo that is not mine, I will honor the photographer who took the image by recognizing his/her fee percentage. If you wish a specific commission, feel free to contact me too. Please notice that I expect these art revenues to cover some of my operational expenses. I will re-invest them in the improvement of this blog, and for my own living basics carry-on. In the meantime, I will also apply to get consulting mandates at the international cooperation entities.

Ultimately, this saga will be to cherish the fantastic capacity of human beings to recover together. We will need all of us to recuperate each other, and we will escalate our inner journey by understanding that only by helping us, we will be able to honor our truth and the rest of the living species. Only by helping us, we will also recover our losses from the Coronatimes. Eagles have always amused me. These God´s huge birds with extended wings will help us through this journey.

Bon week-end.

eagle gif

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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