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On eagles wings: our recovery from Coronavirus (III) Education kick-off suggestion scheme

Important Correction Note- 28/May/2020:  “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines warning that antibody test results can have high false-positive rates and should not be used to make decisions about returning people to work, schools, dorms or other places where people congregate”. Given the CDC’s last advice, it is clear for Eleonora Escalante Strategy that my suggestion scheme to start school is not feasible with serological testing. Please take notice. Serological testing can´t be used, and I am correcting this article accordingly.

Have a beautiful week. I know I promised you to publish only on Fridays, but believe me I have been working on this, and I know this material will be useful for those who are closely monitoring and trying to find a safe way to re-start schools.

Education Kick-off suggestion scheme. Find the following self-explanatory slides.  This is an Eleonora Escalante Strategy education starting proposal, it is aimed for you to think about it. You can use it as a base to improve it, change it, and enhance it as much as you wish. Particularly,  if it helps decision-makers at the moment, I will be happy and content.  The success of reopening schools depends on testing. Testing kits must be available for students, professors, and staff. In consequence, if we have to wait for a few weeks until the testing kits are available at each school, then please be patient.  I know that at the moment many laboratories have gotten the FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) permission and are being manufactured at big scales for the whole world. Just in El Salvador, we will need around 1.5 million COVID19 tests only for a “one-time” test solely for the education community (professors, students, staff). Correction 28-May-2020: Serological testing can´t be used for decision making when it comes to testing to evaluate who is healthy or sick. It is inaccurate for these purposes.

The next slides are self-explanatory. Have a lovely day. Until next week, Blessings from my heart.

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If you wish to download this material in PDF Click here: Eliescalante On eagles wings Education Gradually 1


Please if you know someone at high places who wish to hire me as a specialist consultant for strategic projects in education, economy, business model, corporate strategy, I beg you to pass your good word about me. I am starting to apply (again) to the United Nations network organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, and others, with the hope to find consulting assignments that I can do remotely from my home location.  My field of action is to provide integral strategic solutions to relevant issues in all these areas of domain. I beg you with all my heart to pass your good word about me, please. I am in a heartfelt need to receive monetary blessings through my job capacity and good brain consulting efforts.   

Thank you.


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