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On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus (XIV). Work-Study renaissance only if the sanitary crisis is controlled.

Just some words before starting with the Eco-Cities topic that will keep us busy for the next few weeks.


Wonder Woman. By Marvel

    1. Each sector of the society has different interests, even in times of pandemic. We are living in uncertain times. The Coronavirus has put in Jaque mate to everyone. Strong techies and strategy gurus have understood that a tiny unknown virus has surprised everyone. Medical decision making is directed towards saving lives. The economic-business decision making is focused to keep the societies generating enough cash-flows for their own survival. The educational decision making is converged on how to keep the education standards using alternative educational methods meanwhile the lockdown has closed their schools and universities; and the NGOs sector is also worried about how to endure this crisis when their donors have stopped to provide money for altruistic endeavors. The government and its public sector representatives’ decision making is commanded to keep the society functioning and provide solutions to the most vulnerable of each population affected by the virus.  The tech sector is also trying to show off how can they solve the virus issues using their technologies. And so on. Each share of society has its own interests, problems and headaches, and their actions reflect their own focus of attention.
    2. The creation of emergency conseil teams and committees. When it comes to a pandemic crisis of such behemoth impact, as this global virus which took us unprepared, it is crucial to arrange an emergency conseil committee in which each representative of the most relevant sectors from the society can meet and take decisions. Uncertain times require dynamic and consensual decision making, with a frequency-regular outline.  At the moment the majority of us are troubled about the work-social gathering re-establishment in the middle of this pandemic. But, for taking decisions of such relevance, it is crucial for the societies to keep the strategic alignment of objectives between the medical sanitary sector, the public sector or government entities, educational entities, NGOs, and the private sector in conjunction with strategic advisors or experts (the group of experts is of different nature: Scientifique, anthropologists, sociologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, virologist, infectiologists, public health administrators, economists, business specialists per industry, etc). The WHO local authority is also relevant to these emergency teams.
    3. The corporate strategy is only one piece of the pie. Eleonora Escalante Strategy has been suggesting different alternatives from the point of view of my own domain. Even though I have tried to be integral and provide 360 degrees contextual advisory,  some of my initiatives may be applicable to some societies; meanwhile, others will find negative comfort or won´t be appropriate at all in certain nations. Each society has a different level of exposure to the Coronavirus, it depends of its geography and previous degree preparation.  Islands as New Zealand, Australia, and Iceland which have used the dome protective strategy have had a successful method to cope with the virus. Meanwhile, in other societies, this won´t be applicable.  At the end of the day, each country has to take its own integral decisions (not only using good judgment). Although be careful with wrong data. If data is captured incorrectly, it doesn´t help for decision making (not at the medical level, not at the economic-recovery level). In uncertain times, it is important to use common sense, to debate and discuss with multidisciplinary teams, to navigate using the lessons from our past ancestors when they dealt with a similar type of events.
    4. History helps us when current data, testing, and technology are faulty or have been measured wrong. Please I urge you to consult historians and anthropologists, to re-read how the Spanish flu and similar past pandemics were resisted, how other similar pandemics were fought. At this present moment, we must rely on multidisciplinary expert teams that can help us as a whole to make the best decisions.
    5. A global effort with local implementation. It is important to learn from the countries that were hit first. Lessons abound from them. In addition, the famous global value chains should work for those countries in need. Solidarity on a global basis has to be the motto at the moment. At the end of the day, some countries will heal first than others, and as a cascade effect, we must try to heal globally. Those societies which have been restored first must help the rest who are left behind.
    6. Finally, life matters. Every solution that Eleonora Escalante Strategy has shared is subject to the day of our economic-recovery plan begins. Regardless if this plan is implemented in 4 phases or 6 phases or 10 phases; the only way that economic recovery decision making will be successful depends on the society’s capacity to kill the virus and keep people healthy. Some societies as the Chilean are dealing with difficult times. Confinement if done improperly, doesn´t help either. It is my own priority to advise that life matters, and we must keep our strength by fulfilling the quarantine strictly as much as we can. Any economic-recovery program will be successful only if we flatten the curve, or if the number of Corona infected is kept to the lowest levels during consecutive days. Before that, it is crazy to open the economies.  Whenever I announce something about returning to work or study, this is ONLY in the scenario in which the government, WHO local authorities, and the local COVID19 emergency committees have already approved to do it because the sanitary crisis is already controlled. 

See you tomorrow with Eco-cities!


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