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On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus (XV). An overture to eco-cities – Building a common core.

Many of you could be shocked by asking yourselves, why on earth is Eleonora Escalante Strategy proposing the Eco-cities concept as a recovery roadmap model after we fix the trouble of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Wise eyes edited x blog EEscalante

“Wise Eyes”. A petit aquarelle from Eleonora Escalante. Handmade with love on watercolor paper Fabriano 5. Size: 5 inches x 7 inches. If you wish to buy it please visit:

Some day the Coronavirus Pandemic will be archived in history. As an introduction to the theme Eco-cities, my words of today are simply an overture to several episodes in this regard. We have to believe in our deepest side of our souls that this pandemic will evolve to the final stage. This pandemic experience in our lives must end before long. Sooner or later, the highest respectable scientists and researchers will disclose that the vaccine is ready, produced, packed, and ready to be distributed globally. In addition to finding the vaccine cure (which is only a matter of months), we all, each of us members of a city, country, region, and planet; as conscious citizens of our current civilizations, must help ourselves too.

Let´s get the best grade qualification at the assignment “Coronavirus prevention”. Once our country´s authorities release us to work-gather and re-start our economies by phases, we also have to pass a new “école” assignment established by God. Let´s name it: Coronavirus Prevention.  By now, we are aware globally about how to protect others and ourselves from the Novel Coronavirus. God has given us this assignment that we must try to pass with the highest excellence upshot. And we all, from petit kids to elders, must work hard to pass the exam “Coronavirus Prevention” daily.  The rules to pass the course “Coronavirus Prevention” are clear:


We all together must pass the exam of “Coronavirus Prevention”. Photo Source: Google images public domain.

    1. Practice social distancing (at least between 1.5 m to 2 meters from others),
    2. Sanitize our hands constantly every moment we can (with alcohol gel or water-soap),
    3. Use facial masks plus on top, use protective facial shields if we can,
    4. Avoid transportation system crowded locations (try to use bikes in cities with cycling lanes, motos). If your city doesn´t have cycling lanes, do not put yourself on risk to be crushed like a cockroach by a car or a bus.  Just try to avoid the packed rush or peak hours that won´t let you keep social distancing when you move from home to work and vice-versa.
    5. As a boss adjust your employees’ work schedules. As an employee, practice different scheduling to avoid packed people gathering at the entrance-exit locations of transport stations and offices,
    6. Wash and clean your stuff: Particularly clothes and surfaces with special attention daily. Wash your coins and money. Clean your smartphones, bags, and wallets daily.
    7. Practice hygienic habits: take a shower or bath daily, wash your teeth (every time after you eat). Don´t eat with your fingers, please. Do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.
    8. Reject social gatherings with high-density population: Postpone parties or meetings until new notice. If unavoidable gatherings, plan ahead with 30%-50% of people and always practicing social distancing as much as possible.
    9. If your business is related to food and drink experiences, LIVE concerts, any type of art in theaters, museums, bibliotheques, cinema, exhibits, sports events, gyms, and recreation (or sports activity) studios in closed places; try to reduce the density population to respect the social distancing. Expand your area of client-attention to your patios or side-walks. Duplicate your frequency of events by reducing the number of people that can join.
    10. Stop differentiating between essential and non-essential workers. We all have a task to do, regardless of the relevance during the quarantine or lockdown.
    11. Help industries or people from industries that are “on hold”. Knowledge Generators, Art professionals, and Science Researchers need support. These sectors include musicians, sculpture artists, movie producers, film writers, visual painting artists, writers, studio art instructors, science researchers, studious university professionals, etc. The knowledge producers should be busier than anyone at the moment. We finally can WFH (Work From Home). I beg the society leaders to support all of us, who are working without a paycheck, either with economic stipends or grants, please. We all in this sector work with our minds!
    12. If a relative is infected with the virus, he has to be isolated to be cured (this can happen in health contention centers, hospitals, and even in the same home, but he or she must be only in one specific room isolated from the rest of the family).
    13. Don´t cheat. You don´t have to please any professor to get a good grade. Your master of the Universe is the only one patrolling you. Try to keep all the last rules, please.
    14. Other specific measures, from your own industry or sector or work facilities, needed to keep yourself and other people protected. 

If we do all we can (consciously) to avoid being infected, at least think that we are training and learning ourselves on how to get the best possible ranking grade, in which to be healthy is our most hoped-for and fantabulous reward. If we pass this exam, we will be alive and we will keep others alive. And then God will grant us an A+ or a 10/10 qualification grade.  If we pass the “Coronavirus Prevention” assignment, we will exercise the power of self-control, patience, respect, esteem for life, and solidarity for others much needed for creating eco-cities.


Denmark’s first-ever rooftop farm, ØsterGRO, supplies its 40 member families with ultra-local and sustainably produced eggs, honey, and vegetables (2018). Source:

The origin of eco-cities is in Genesis Chapter 1. Eco-cities are beyond the urban agriculture or farming, or beyond the cycling infrastructure or pretty green environmental buildings or beyond the trendy architectural urbanism that promotes the plants, recycling, or “green” environment value proposition. Eco-cities or eco-villages or eco-districts come from each of us. From inside out. From each citizen (rich or poor) and the eco-cities concept expands as a wave to all the members of that community. Think this way, none of us decided to be born where were raised. It was a decision of mom and dad to conceive us, and by chance, we appeared into life in a place of residence that we call home. Our home is located in an emplacement. A location that is always shared with others. Since God created a man and a woman, we were conceived to live in groups, never alone. God never put us on this planet to live alone, lonely, or apart. God granted Adan a beautiful Eva.  God has always wished us to have a partner and multiplicate to make communities. God made me with the purpose that I could marry and have babies (hopefully with my handsome beau A.G.L.A.). Furthermore, since Genesis Chapter One, God gave us a specific mission and his guidelines about how to live in the Garden of Eden. How to interact, keep his natural creations (plants, animals, the environment surroundings). Later, he also gave us the ten commandments to help us how to live respectfully in communities too.  From a village (which is a small group of dwellings usually in a rural setting), to a town (which is a population center of a smaller size than a city), to a city (which is a hub of relative important size of a population, set up for commerce and culture development). Wherever God has set us up for a living, it wasn´t an accident. It wasn´t our fault either. None of us have chosen where to be born.  But once we began to grow, our point of reference roots will be connected to that location, in which we grow or grew up throughout the first years of our life (infancy and adolescence).

The grandness of our roots of ancestry is linked to our core values formation. Regardless if later we choose to migrate, or we decided to populate in another city. Eco-cities can only be developed when all of us understand the meaning of “self-control, respect, and solidarity”. Moreover, eco-cities can only germinate when each and all the members of a city (and ultimately that society) share and are convinced to practice the same core values. By designing, building, and understanding the common core values of a society, that is how we can make eco-cities a reality.

Some people argue that the common core set of values of a community is that society’s moral or ethical set of values. In my next publication, we will start a journey about the roots of our common core values, and we will dig deeper into what are the core values of communities that have started to promote or have developed successful eco-cities.

Blessings have a beautiful weekend.


eagle walk tenor

Carefully and discreetly, eagles walk with meticulous attention too.

Sources of reference utilized to list our “Coronavirus Prevention” assignment:

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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