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On eagles wings, our recovery from Coronavirus (XXIX). Love is pause-repair-proceed: on and on and on.

“One hundred years to try to imitate Jesus-Christ virtues”. An aquarelle exercise by Eleonora Escalante, painted during COVID19 Pandemic times. Handmade with love on Fabriano 5 Grana Fina 210 GSM

On my last publication, we closed our episode with the most important paragraph of this saga:

“The only way we discover how to live loved by God is by repairing the past hurt in our present, and ensuring that we are able to build flourishing boundaries; so we may receive the love of God in its full expression”.

How to live loved by God?

Four key elements of “living loved by God” arise from last paragraph:

  1. Living loved by God only happens through relationships: Only by bonding with God and with others (at the fraternal, community and personal level). The very nature of God in us is based in relationships, not in isolation from others. Cloud and Townsend wrote it “We are built for relationships. Attachment is the foundation of the soul´s existence”. And relationships with God and others require that we learn to build boundaries.
  2. Living loved by God requires that we learn to develop boundaries: Flourishing and balanced boundaries define us. Boundaries mark a visible line of who we are, and who we are not. Boundaries in each individual, partnership, family, community and societies have to be developed. Boundaries define our soul, and boundaries have to be learned in our behavior, our feelings, attitudes, beliefs, talents, thoughts, desires, actions, professional endeavors, businesses, government programs and cooperation entities. Boundaries help us to guard ourselves from harm, and maintain our “sense of ownership, responsibility and freedom”, our choices and options with others. This lands us in one of the most crucial goals of our lives: learning to set up boundaries, which is a process of a lifetime.  
  3. Living loved by God is a process that begins with our past: It requires a process of constant reparation of our past in our now present. Reparation at three dimensions: fraternal, community, romantic partnerships. Have you thought that our goal as humans on planet earth starts with learning about our past, not just to gather knowledge of history to pass a course in high school, but in order to fix our present? Have you thought that we are merely repair-persons made to restore after damage or injuries, made to set right the actions that our ancestors did not make well, to remedy the pain that we have inherited from centuries of centuries of all societies wrongdoings, to fix the despair that we could not avoid during our childhood and adolescence… Or in one phrase: We are here to learn, to work, to act and to process repairing: “to heal the history of us”. This statement land us in a healing process that requires active learning to find everything from the past that has been done incorrectly. Then renew or revitalize through a repetitive loop process of pause-repair-proceed actions through all our lives. This is such a heavy workload for us, sometimes we have to return back in history to precedent “times of Jesus” to fix the elements of racism, inequality and slavery. Sometimes, in economics and businesses, we have to go back to the times of Davinci´s inventions or the renaissance or to the times of the first industrial revolution or to the Ford automobile expansion based in petroleum or our to the moment in which our “deep desires to explore the space” started. In our political systems, our repair and maintenance mandate take us back to the point in history that originated why we need to continue fixing the consequences of the WWII Jewish genocide, or the causes of the Arab aggressions, digging deeper in the origins of the Middle-east violent conflicts of Syria, the Mesopotamian region, Yemen, or the eternal Palestine-Israel self-destruction wars, or the understanding of why China has built its economic model based on the premise of “commercial low cost expansion at expenses of other countries´ prosperity”.  Each generation of us has something to fix (inside their own personal family history, in the closest fraternal circles, at the love relationships and at the community-business/economics or countries´ interactions).
  4. Living loved by God is reciprocated with a promise to receive abundance of love in the future. Please read the last phrase as many times as you can. God promises to us that we will receive more love represented on blessings, love from others and from God himself. And the promise of a better future, keeps on moving with our repair goals. if we pause, repair and proceed, it is love that will be given to us in actions, thoughts, protection, feelings, emotions, economic success, grace, knowledge, family existence, legacies. Our new innovations and projects will provide fountain of blessings for us and our children and next generations, only if we fix the past in our present. The future depends on our capacity to be repair-maintenance people of God´s creation. Our new innovations in business and government programs will fructify only if we are aligned to our call in life: learn to love by living loved.

It is a priority to repair us first. If you speak with any psychologist they will be able to confirm to you that their lives are dedicated to help people to heal. Why? because even the most lovely families can´t be perfect. Many of us have lived in sick countries (full of violence, wars, racism, mistreatment to women, modern slavery and other social problems). The majority of us have lived “wrong business models and products” during the last 50 years (we know nothing about good business models yet). In sick societies, boundaries´injuries are numerous, and to repair them will take decades, if not centuries. Any reparation of individuals expands to partners, families, communities, economic systems and societies. When we, people are full of trash, no one wants us. So it is a priority to repair us first. And the same applies to everything that has rubbish and needs repair: business that are full of contamination, projects that are non-ethical, economic systems that have destroyed the oceans and living species, wealth that has been built on debt, enterprises without Jesus-Christ values at their core, technologies originated by revenge or greed or embezzlement, political parties based on bigotry, deceit or avarice, etc.

Our mission in this planet earth is to learn to love. When we defined that Love is God,  and if we are creatures born from the love of God, our mission in this planet earth, is to learn to love and live loved by God in two dimensions:

  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind;
  2. Love others as yourself
A pair of eagles nest.

Our existence is not granted with the purpose to make zillions of money, neither to be an extreme poor either. There is always something in the middle that suits us fairly. We have been born for a “purpose”, that is to learn to love God and love others as ourselves. And this purpose is a journey, a long-life process that starts in our home, with childhood.

What is your reaction if I tell you that… What is your reaction if I tell you that your purpose in this life is to love God, others and yourself in everything you do… that God has granted you up to 100 years of life to learn how to become as Him in all our endeavors? What is your reaction if I write that our passage of 100 years of life is merely to learn (by trial and error) how to love, and this long journey success depends on how much we are open to fix our past history? What is your reaction if I tell you that we are simply repair men or maintenance woman of God´s planet, our families and societies? What is your reaction if I tell you that our mission is to be problem solvers of our past, to repair the boundaries injuries from history, in order to heal in our present and receive our work future blessings?

What is your reaction if I tell you that our privilege to be alive is simply to learn to love God, others and ourselves by learning to set up loving boundaries (expressed in self-control, auto-regulation or using fair good laws), so we don´t have to repeat the same mistakes from our ancestors? What is your reaction if I tell you that the only way to learn to love purely is by demystifying everything that is not love?

What is your reaction if I tell you that you were born to change the wrongdoings of any business model or economic theory that has been paved incorrectly by our precedent knowledge generators (from extreme right and extreme left ideologies)? What is your reaction if I tell you that your goal to study a Ph.D. in economy will be to try to build new balanced economic theories? Or your Ph.D. in philosophy and sociology will be required to fix the mess of the current NAIQI technologies (NAIQI Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum and the Internet). What is your reaction if I tell you that your objective to study chemistry and pharmaceutics will be to transform the whole strategic pharma value chain by using and promoting “only natural flora inputs”? What is your reaction if I tell you that your children will be the ones that will fix the consequences and issues of “digital education”, and will end up banning it, because of our non-sense to use it today without balance? What is your reaction if I tell you that by learning to prepare “natural” bread and cakes of extreme good quality, your products will arrive at the door of the European Union representative in your country, and your humble bread will never be forgotten by him who will sponsor scholarships to your children in France, 15 years later? What is your reaction if I tell you that your music, your paintings, your literature, your excellent quality work as a mechanician or roof repairmen or optometrist will open blessings for you in the future?

What is your reaction if I tell you that even our pause-repair-proceed solutions are not going to solve it all, and the next generations, will continue doing “pause-repair-proceed” on and on and on actions in our search to fix all the past 4000 years of disasters that our ancestors have created… And I can continue enumerating thousands of “What is your reaction if I tell you” questions in each discipline and business industry that you can imagine?

Finally, what is your reaction if I tell you that we are so blessed to be alive to begin our journey to learn to love…

We learn to love by praying God to help us . By loving God, we are able to leave the trash of our lives behind, and start fresh and new every morning.

This is it for today´s. A lot of material for you to reflect over the weekend. Next week we will continue with two virtues: faith and hope, which are linked with our civilization future. And on the week of the 31st of August, we will finish our virtues journey with the ethical value of integrity. During the month of September we will proceed with how to build ethical codes, starting with ourselves, our families, schools and then expanding to work communities. Once we learn how to “walk the talk” with ethical codes, then and only then we will be able to reset our current messy paradigms to fix inequality/racism and create ecological God centered societies after the Pandemic. By the end of September, this saga “On Eagles wings, our recovery from the Corona-virus” is expected to finish.

As an avant preview, my next saga will begin on October 12th/2020. I am still undecided between two new epics: (1) “The fallacy of the middle class” or (2) “Relationships and boundaries, the key of living loved”, a reflective profound understanding of today´s post, with detailed clarifications and examples. Let´s see which of both I will start first.

See you next week, until then, thank you for reading to me.

Love is a process of pause-repair-proceed, and on and on and on.

Sources of reference that inspired me to write this article:

Cloud, Henry and John, Townsend “Boundaries: When to say yes, when to say no to take control of your life”, Zondervan Publishing House, 1992.

Lucado, Max. “A love worth giving: Living in the overflow of God´s love”, W Publishing Group, 2002.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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