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Happy New Year 2021. A new saga is coming…

Wishing you a lovely new year 2021. Today is Kings Day, and we won´t celebrate it by sharing the “Roscón de Reyes” with coffee or chocolate in our family. The COVID19 cases have started to rise in El Salvador, and we can´t expose ours.

Nevertheless, I just want to say thank you. I am so blessed because of your eyes who read us and who are always following our endeavors. I just want to say thank you all the time. For your patience, your consideration of these articles.

Let me explain what I am planning to do this year. I will stick to write 4 sagas per year (with no more than 25 post episodes each). Each saga will last a maximum of 3 months (one quarter of a year). In between each saga, we will take 15 days of recess. Each saga is in reality a mini-ebook of 25 chapters. Regardless if we are on Pandemic times, I am using each of these vacation periods to declutter my thoughts, to put my brain into a holiday mood, to clean my head from the latter ending saga, and get prepared for the next epic. Through my company, I also wish to role model that each of us demands some time off from our daily work activities. Our current economic models have pushed us to accept 15 days of vacation a year, which is not suitable for our health, neither for our businesses or the companies that we work for. Every trimester our soul, mind, and body require a disconnection space from our jobs and do something else, that is not connected to technology, neither to what we usually do every day. Our brains necessitate some healing every once in a while, our families are also calling us, and I think our vacations have to increase and must happen every three months, as when American companies file their financial reports papers to the SEC. Once kids return to school again, these quarter vacations have to coincide with their parents’ holidays too.

In the meantime, let me disconnect for a few days. I will be back on January 19th, with a new saga that promises to be awesome. Stay tuned. Much love and just the best.

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