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Coming soon… “Bees at work”

Have a beautiful weekend in December.

I am returning back to you with the aim to disseminate some thoughts about the next saga. After 2 years of a sanitary crisis caused by a virus and its mutations, we certainly believe that everyone on Earth has woken up to the fact that we are not living in a LEGO dream planet anymore. There are outstanding issues that we need to fix, at the individual, family, and society levels. And the only manner to do it is by thinking integrally, making the correct decisions after a long process of DBR (Design-Based Research), and acting all together accordingly. In one phrase: we have a lot of work to do. Each of us from our own discipline or labor has a huge responsibility. We are all together in this.

For those of us, who work, we all enclose at least a window of daily natural light time with a duration of 8 hours, in which we dedicate our efforts, fully, to activities in which we regularly labor to make a living. We also dedicate 8 hours of our daily time to sleep. And we have an extra of 8 hours to cleanse us, to prepare or buy our nutritional food to eat, to accomplish our home chores, to take care of the children, to keep our homes tidy, to travel from home to several places and return back, to study, to practice sports, to carry on our hobbies, to read, to communicate and play with our smartphones, etc.

In consequence, Eleonora Escalante Strategy professes a hypothesis that requires to be proved: our world is imbalanced because our working days are imbalanced. There is a lack of harmony in our journals, a disproportion in our schedules and timetables that is causing major harm to our civilization. And we will discover what is the medullary reason (or more justifications) for our disequilibrium.

“Bees at work” will be a remarkable epic that expects to answer all your questions in relation to our schedules of living. With respect to our relationship with the disrupted environment. In regard to our self-harming that will cause our own extinction.

“Bees at work”, will start on January 4th, 2022 with an introduction of comprehending the life of the most important insect pollinators, which are in decline worldwide, for several causes. We will explore those causalities that list the bees as endangered species. Humans like the bees are under the menace of extinction if we don´t change our ways of working. Moreover, if we don´t revise and modify our working systems, “There would be major rippling effects throughout our ecosystems”.

We will push ourselves to compose and produce in the most positive witty note that we can. And we will continue dispatching real genuine music at the end of our publications. “Bees at work” outline will be released on our first episode. Expect the unpredictable. As usual, and based on the Northern Hemisphere calendar, for the year 2022, we will produce three sagas with a duration of 12 to 14 weeks each. In between each saga, we take care of ourselves for maintenance and holidays with a period of 15 working days of vacation. Look at our calendar for next year:

  1. Winter/Spring saga: From January to March/April of 2022 -> “Bees at work”.
  2. Spring/Summer Saga: From April to July of 2022
  3. Autumn/Winter Saga: From August to December of 2022

We are pleased and honored with your presence in our journey. We express our gratitude by continuing to deliver our content to you. And we truly expect to continue elevating our standards, with our bi-weekly publications, not just with unexplored state-of-the-art corporate strategy material translated into sagas, but also by supporting art and watercolors.

We say “hasta pronto” with our latest watercolor below. “Picnic Avec Luna” is a pure watercolor oeuvre made with brushes (no inks, no pen nibs, no rapidographs). It has been painted with the award of Holbein and Old Holland watercolor paints gifted to me by the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. I am fully appreciative and thankful for the most wished present that I have received this decade.

See you with a further publication before the closing of this year. Blessings and thank you for reading to me.

“Picnic Avec Luna”. A pure handmade watercolor made with love by Eleonora Escalante. Size: 22 inches x 15 inches. The whole artwork has been accomplished by applying watercolor only with brushes. Paper: Fabriano Traditional White Hot Press Satinée 300 GSM.

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