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Bees at work (I): Introduction

Happy new year 2022! A new year is coming by and we all, over the world are under positive anticipation for our future endeavors and goals. After two years of dealing with a pandemic that still is not completely eradicated, I am sure that many of us, who are already immunized, are simply trying to move on, taking all the safeguards that we can. For us at Eleonora Escalante Strategy, no matter if we work based in El Salvador, or if the future awaits us in other lands, we have a lot of content to write. If God wishes, we also have plenty of paintings to complete.  The year 2022 represents a light of hope in the middle of darkness, and this first Winter-Spring 2022 saga also symbolizes a major step in our quest to improve our human quality of life, no matter where we reside.  

“Bees at work” is our first saga of the year 2022.  If you are a first-time visitor of this website, we appreciate and are thankful for your time with us.  We write three sagas of corporate strategy state-of-the-art analysis and reflections, using interesting themes that are connected to education, business, and economics. Eleonora Escalante Strategy is a boutique consulting institution: a sophisticated unique, and chic think-tank researcher & publisher of strategic reflections. We also support hand-made visual art, mostly paintings created using watercolors media.  Our “modus operandi” is established in the design, composition, and production of three sagas sorted by the seasons of the year: The Winter/Spring (WS) saga, the Summer (S) saga, and the Autumn/Winter (AW) saga.  Each saga is written under the format of a minimum of 26 episodes, and each chapter is uploaded every Tuesday and Friday of the week. Once we conclude each saga, we retreat and take some days off. This break in between sagas (15 working days) helps us to replenish, to do maintenance to our minds (brains), to inspire us, to travel, and to celebrate some holidays with the family. We also use our vacations to deal with our tech content issues, basically our website.  After each break period, we embark with high energy on the next saga. That is how we work through the seasons, not just to find purpose and meaning in our job, but we also find joy in our innovative content, created with cherished thoughtfulness for you.

A Happy new year 2022! Wishing you the best of everything that you wish for. This is a close-up of the WATERCOLOR painting “Picnic Avec Luna”. Even when we see the eyes of our dogs, we can feel their emotions. I tried to capture Luna´s feelings in this aquarelle.

Supplementary features to each saga. Each saga´s episode is also accompanied by a watercolor of our own (either an aquarelle study or a master artwork). Since the end of 2021, we are as well, adding a musical theme, that may be associated or is a complement that escorts a message tied to each episode of strategic reflections. We have attached unplugged music from excellent performers and band musicians, that have made it to the top with traditional instruments, not with electronically produced music that is originated from computers. Our readers loved it last year, and we will continue procuring music for you at the bottom of our publication.

Let´s say goodbye to 2021, and hello to the beautiful 2022. Eleonora Escalante Strategy (est. 2016) business model is sticking to the hope to receive in the future advertising from academic sources, research grants, consulting gifts, and universities or business schools’ economic support. We also sell the original watercolor paintings to sponsor our production display. Each watercolor that you can buy is helping us to continue writing.

Let´s begin.

 “Bees at work” our first WS/2022 saga promises to make us think about the way we work.

Our purpose with “Bees at work” is to deliver a message related to the meaning of work in our current times. We will delight you by kicking off with the meaning of work at the community of bees on our planet. Bees are the most effective pollinators that exist, and the bees are also at risk of extinction (like us). We will explore our next first episodes to learn how the bees think, how they make decisions, how are they coping with all the risks associated with their process of extinction, and how can we learn from them in these times of environmental chaos and confusion of our mission as the natural wildlife keepers on Earth. We will apply some lessons of the bee´s democracy in such a way that we, can begin to open our eyes, and we can observe that there are aspects that we can organize much better about our work, with integral-wellbeing for each of our augured lifespan of 100 years.

“Bees at work” outline. I would like to close our first episode, by sharing our saga outline. Please read it below. You can also print it in the PDF format attached.

Our outline in PDF:

We will close this introduction with a musical touch.

Today´s Song. We have chosen Adele´s recent song “Easy on me”. We have chosen three versions of it. The first one is Adele´s version Live at the NRJ Awards 2021. The second is the version descanted as “a pure acapella” by the voices of the Ndlovu Youth Choir. And the third one is by Brooklyn Duo. Enjoy!

See you next Friday, with our second episode of this saga. We wish to express that we really love to have your eyes on us. Your eyes matter so much to us. We are grateful for sticking with us during the gala opening season of 2022.

Blessings and thank you for reading to me.

“Bees at work” has just begun.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY. Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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