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Bees at work. We Owe You.

Dear Charming Readers:
I had a medical emergency that needed to be treated with urgency. For this reason, I won´t be able to post today. Nevertheless, I will use the whole weekend to read some unexplored material that is fascinating, as much as intriguing; and beyond what we all hold attention to, about the bee’s life at the hive. In our discovery journey, when investigating the bees, we have found fresh captivating material (from books) that we are currently reading, researching, exploring, and summarizing more than 500 pages in two publications of 1200 words each. Please wait for my next publication (episode 4) that will be uploaded, by all means, next Tuesday 18th. I promise to make it up, with a gorgeous and fantastic “life at the hive” episode next week. Thank you for your comprehension and understanding.

Have a very pleasing weekend, our bees´ journey will continue.

Blessings, Elie

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