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Bees at work (XXXII). Epilogue. Summary and conclusions

It is our last episode. We assume that we are all delighted and fortunate because this is our last episode, isn´t it? But at the same time, at least, in my case, I am a little gloomy, we will depart from the bees of our wonders. The bees have touched our creativity for 3.5 months of work, and I got used to considering them, to show you our content. Moreover, we have watched winter end, meanwhile, spring has opened its doors to lead us forward. Each Winter-Spring saga is very promising for us.   We leave the cold, and when the cicadas sing, that is the sign for us to begin to think about our following Summer Saga. Cicadas chorales told us to hurry up to finish “Bees at work” because the new Summer saga will bloom with colorful flowers all around us.

“Bees at work”. A delicate aquarelle was painted for this ending chapter. Totally hand-made by drawing up the last details. Paper Fabriano Artistico Satinata 300 GSM. Size: 15 inches x 11 inches

Apart from the change of the season, this saga required a lot of preparation, beyond understanding the bees, we were continuously spurring our thoughts. We were all the time thinking about how to calm down our higher brainwaves, to make our content a simple precise abstract. Furthermore, any author who writes demands to restrain in solitude for a few hours a day, sometimes in the middle of undertaking other things, because when a little brilliant vision arrives as a revelation, we know it is time to compose it, otherwise it can be gone. In my case, currently, we are with the motivation to start “What´s up with water”, the coming saga of summer shortly, which is our reasoning to titillate with emotions of stupefaction. You will find out why if you read us again in Summer!.

How to summarize “Bees at work”, an astounding saga in just one chapter?

We will do a comparison between the life of the bees and our life, considering the main important aspects that we have written in 31 episodes. Instead of recapitulating and describing each chapter, we will land on the most critical ideas that we want you to remember, so you can return to read our material as many times as you wish in the future.

Let´s begin.

Life of the beesLife of humans
Bees are who they are from the inside out, keeping the private activities of intimacy and reproduction, all their life inside the hive.Humans are living from the out to the inside. We have lost our inner essence within. During the last 20 years, humans are looking to validate whatever they do from others who are found on the internet, losing the confidential private intimacy in the hands of the public and the corporations.
Bees have an order of roles to follow when they begin to work up to their last day of lifeHumans are messy in relation to their roles in working. We find this everywhere. From employees to entrepreneurs using disruptive technologies that have taken our time for the family.
Decision making is a huge thing for the bees: they wiggle-dance to quarrel for the best new home under a democratic procedureHumans are fighting with violence instead of ideas. Humans have begun to delegate decision-making to machines and artificial intelligence. What is worst is that no democratic process has been designed for it. Business Schools have to check why are they pushing for that.
Bees Swarm Intelligence is ultimately for corporate strategy decision making. It is a force for good under a democracy chosen by the bees for its long-term survivalHumans want to deny the benefits and advantages of democracy. Once autocratic and totalitarian regimes get installed in countries, we are lost in respecting human rights and the human well-being of the majority.
Bees are living in times of chaos in the context of climate change. Risks associated with the bees´ issues: pesticides, pathogens, diseases, lack of food, bad practices of beekeepers, pollution, and communication technologies.Humans and bees are living the same chaos in the context of climate change. The difference is that humans have provoked the chaos year over year. We also must add the wars, mental health troubles, and financial crisis to the bees’ risks.
Bees are needed: The species are required for pollination. They cross-fertilize our most vital crops.Humans are needed to love and take care of all the species including themselves. The bees are just one of the thousands of species that humans need to protect and save. The pollination of the bees is related to our food security, that is why farmers are concerned. Nevertheless, our global ecosystem is ampler than the bees. How will humans care for the species, if we don´t care about ourselves with our products and services?
Bees are constantly learning from their predecessors. They never ignore themHumans are rebellious to learn from the wrongdoings of the precursor generations. We tend to believe they have nothing to teach us. Old people with “white hair” are telling us what, how, why, and where to don´t go. When humans stop to consider the mistakes of the ancestors who paid a huge price for them… we are condemned to repeat them.
Bees are the most perfect example of a working learning organizationHumans have been testing different types of learning organizations. We are just beginning our DBR process after 6,000 years of slavery models.
Bees contemplate their working in contexts, putting bees at the core. Just look at all the work they do perfectly designed for seasons, for types of hives, for types of flowers, and resources. Amazing!Humans require to start to put people at the core of their working models. The contexts associated with our hybrid proposal are at least: time-based, industry, technological, social, institutional policy, organizational, geographic, spatial, cultural, political, environmental, ethical, financial, religious/spiritual, health, and wellbeing.
Bees have stopped slavery for females. They do all the jobs.Humans require to stop slavery for women first. Regardless of any type of discrimination. The priority is to free women from slavery. It is so important to break the cycle of domination toward women inside the families. Women and men are complementary to each other in every single activity that is possible to attain.
Bees sleep after working hard. They rest on average around 33.3% of the day. The equivalent to 8 hours.Humans are immersed in addiction to digital screens and smartphones, particularly since we wish to put everything we do inside the smartphone. More and more, humans are losing their capacity to relax, recharge batteries, and sleep. 8 hours of sleeping a day as the bees are the minimum that we must pertain.
Forager bees dedicate long hours to finding and collecting food from flowers. Usually, by the end of the bees’ lives, they have solely dedicated themselves to it.  Humans squeeze the youngest with longer hours to work and collect resources, dismissing the wisest and experienced ones who can provide wisdom to any type of job. Humans must stop leadership roles in their early adulthood, or at least until they are mature enough for them.
Scout bees are the most experienced foragers. They know everything about the cycle of going from inside out starting with reproduction and collecting food outside the hive. Scout bees are fully responsible for the stability and the future of the colonies.Humans are leaving the role of the scout bees in the hands of the youngers who are simply starting to learn. It is not the correct strategy to pursue. Teens and young adults have to be humble enough to wait and cultivate themselves first before accepting any kind of “scout-bee” position. Those who lead countries and organizations require at least 60 years minimum for those roles.
Bees do all that they do to keep their hives sanity, without sacrificing their quality of life.Humans are sacrificing their quality of life by pursuing erroneous goals and objectives. How do we grow, study and work pursuing a well-being integral life on a planet that doesn´t allow time for it?  Six hours of working per day are enough.
Bees have kept their working philosophy unchanged. They procure the reproduction and continuum of their existence.Humans are urgently required to shift from the working philosophy of producing goods and services for increasing shareholder value to a new paradigm of working philosophy: helping people to find integral lifetime learning opportunities for attaining happiness. To enter the NAIQI-Giga era as we are right now, will cause more difficulties for the next generations. We recommend pausing and repairing our world first.
Bees are the best to teach us about hybrid models of working. Bees stay at home until they are ready to work outside.Humans require to test different modalities of hybrid works for 6 hours a day schedule. Working at home and the outside world are both required in certain seasons, for specific times, under particular circumstances. It is wise to help parents to test hybrid models when kids are little (below 6 years old), and find out if this framework is the appropriate one.

Strategic Music Section.

Why did we choose Justin Timberlake songs last week?

We selected Justin Timberlake because he is a cool singer.  We like his music, which is so full of rhythm and dancing.  We believe he sticks to his roots very much, and he tries to share a positive spirit in our days. Sometimes when we are in the middle of our current troubles, just imagine, the impact of listening to “Can´t stop the feeling”, just that makes our days a bit happier. Music must help us to be content and in high spirits. We cheer Timberlake’s heart’s desire to do that. Thanks!

The songs of today belong to three different bands: REO Speedwagon, Chicago, and Michael Bolton.
We will explain why we have chosen these three songs: “Can´t Fight this Feeling”, “You’re the inspiration” and “How am I supposed to live without you“. First reason: the three songs appeared in the 1980s decade, a time in which I was a cheerful teenager despite the usage of dental orthodontic braces and pimples. Yes indeed, I was also a teen like any modern teen, and I was an adolescent with tons of expectations and dreams. Second, we want you to reflect a bit on the difference between popular radio music that we as teens were listening to in comparison to what teens are now listening to (now that many countries have crushed the radio too). Third, how we perceived love in music was so distinct from what the extreme sexualized idea of love that teens of today are obtaining. We loved these “romantic pop-rock ballads” because they connected us to experiences that we dwelled with others. The music videos were simply for TV and the billions of social media followers were inexistent in our life. Our romantic “pop soft or soft rock love music” accompanied our happenings, meetings, celebrations, and the happy moments we shared with our friends. We were not imagining love in between 4 walls watching a Smartphone, but we were mingling with others.  It is important to act with compassion soon, that we can help our teens and younger adults (those who are finishing university) to stop being addicts to all the NAIQIs (Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum supremacy, and the Internet), so they can kindle their souls with happiness again.

Last words. Our saga has concluded, and we expect to see you again as of May 3rd, 2022. Our new saga “What´s up with water”, will be a surprise. Wait for it. As always, expect the unforeseen. We promise you, after reading our next saga, you won´t see drops of water anymore as an agile given commodity. All our quick thinking about water will change meaningfully. We go for more from then on.

Thank you for your kind presence. Thank you for being with us are reading “Bees at work”. See you soon!.

We will be on vacation for a few days. We will return on May 3rd, with the saga “What´s up with water”

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY. Nevertheless, most of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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