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What´s up with water is on pause today. Happy Father´s day.

Today we are on holiday. We are celebrating the Day of our Fathers. And El Salvador has a vacation jour. We won´t post today accordingly.

I wish to say thanks to all the fathers that take the time to read our sagas. We express our gratitude for the patience and the acumen of sticking with us for so many sagas and years. We also want to show you our respect and appreciation for helping us to deliver what we produce every Tuesday and Friday. To all the fathers who are reading to me, we sincerely convey our congratulations wishes. In particular, I also hope for my own father a stunning jour, with plenty of blessings from God. I extend it to all the fathers I know. Help and guide your little kids to make this world a better place.

We expect to see you next Tuesday, with the subject “Water and cities”. For the time being, relax and enjoy the weekend.

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