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From the Enlightenment to Business Models. Season II. Our boat has been dismasted. We will rejoin the race with Leg 5 on May 21st.

Prime News.

Following the bad luck of teams Holcim-PRB and GUYOT Europe Environment, Eleonora Escalante’s Strategy team is reporting that she has suffered a tremendous challenge during Leg 4 (From Itajai to Newport). Last Monday 1st of May, we were compelled to move out from our former studio. We had to shift to a new location when we were just starting to race out of Itajai. We tried to move our boat as much as we can. Last week I labored hard to maintain us afloat, but we were hit hard. This situation has forced me to revise and fix this new location, which is not suitable to do academic research. Here, we have been suffering more heightened weather, beyond our limits, which has caused us not just dehydration, but difficult conditions beyond what we were used to sailing in our former studio. To lose our headquarters office is the equivalent to be dismasted. In consequence, our team Eleonora Escalante Strategy has decided to withdraw from Leg 4. We declare that we have been dismasted in the North Atlantic, just over 700 miles east of Newport, Rhode Island.

We are at least floating and secure. We are trying to recover the impeccable substance that characterizes us. We are also doing all that we can, to repair and assemble the new place, in such a way that we can stabilize our writing conditions again. The big issue at the moment is that this new place encloses an infernal sweltering heat that feels like we are living in a sauna house. This place is like a hot air or steam bath from 10 am to almost 6 pm. And this highly elevated thermal sensation doesn’t allow me to concentrate to read as previously. It is like living in a torture sauna or an oven of agony to try to read and focus properly under these conditions. We are trying to find the most feasible solutions (we are considering buying industrial fans), so let´s see how it goes during the following days.

Our team also announces that our crew is safe and we are acting in every dimension we can, to restore our boat. We are trying very hard to secure our vessel and find a harbor from which we will be transferred to Newport. We expect to be ready to retake the race the day that Leg 5 will initiate from Newport to Aarhus. More information about the modification of the outline will be available soon.

Stay tuned! Blessings and thank you for your prayers. We need them more than ever. Bonne Nuit.

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