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Value Proposition (II). Value Proposition Canvas explained

It is Friday!!! Yes, indeed, we are happy because the weekend will start soon. I hope you had a productive week.

I will share 2 videos about what is Value Proposition Canvas, directly from the website:

If you wish to see more videos about Value Proposition Canvas and Business Models Canvas, feel free to visit the following link here: Value Proposition and Business Models Canvas, and see all those videos there. You will find endless possibilities. Remember any idea (from the public or private sector) is able to be designed using these tools.  It is a lot of fun. For example, if you work for the public sector and you are planning an education project, you can use these tools too.

Over the weeks I will prepare and share with you several examples of successful value propositions… and after that, I will proceed by showing you how to create Business Models. My aim in the future is to share what I have learned through the years from the practitioner point of view (through several examples), and I will leave the theory explanations to the ones who created the tools.

Enjoy the videos. Next week we will go over specific examples. Wishing you a lovely and beautiful weekend.

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