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Leg 4. From Melbourne to Hong Kong (VII). Social Media is used for…

Dear all:

Sun hung kai scallywag.jpgToday I have prepared a set of slides with the purpose of bringing you some ideas in which the social media industry has been segmented.  Let´s do the following example: If we stop at the most crowded subway public transportation station in the world, and we ask all the people there, the question: “Social Media is used for…?”, I reassure you that none of the answers will be the same.  Or if we do a Facebook poll asking the same, we will find so many usages of social platforms. Each persona has his or her own reasons why they use social media. Each company has his/her own reasons to be on one or another social media platforms… And I decided to be the most objective one when coming to segment the blurry “social media industry”.

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If you wish to download the last set of slides, click here: Eliescalante Leg 4 Social Media Segmentation b 15 Jan2018.

Social media uses are as innumerable as all the reasons you can imagine. Why? Because Social Media core heart is connected to the internet. If there is the Internet, there are social media platforms. social-media-advantages.jpgSome use certain applications just to listen to music. Others use Facebook for segmenting customers. And others use Youtube for learning. In the above presentation, I tried to give you some choices based on my observations of what others have attempted to do. But still, I do believe we are just starting with social media usages and segmentation. People use social media, knowing that their information is available for others to see, to analyze and for making business decisions.  A wide range of uses. An ample spectrum to classify those platforms. It is not my aim to do a classification of social platform uses but to show you what has been done by people who took the time to create some of these segmentation maps. All I wish to remark to you is the following: Social Media platforms are here to stay. If we have an internet technology device, and we are connected online, social media is there. At least meanwhile the internet is available for all. digital marketing.jpgSocial Media information is available for understanding the needs and wants of each company audience. Social Media is available for social reasons. Social Media is available for a marketplace.  Social Media is available to communicate. And the list doesn´t have an end… There is a recent publication from Wharton which has given us a new segmentation model based on two variables, social media trust, and digital capabilities: the “Bring Your Own Persona Segmentation” Model (BYOP). Before the year 2012, social media was not a subject of importance for faculty professors. But after the year 2013, little by little, social media topics have been integrated into business schools. upgrad-digitalmarketing-programSince last year, I have reviewed several American universities syllabus about Digital Marketing Strategy, and at least the top of them have started to teach social media marketing since several years ago (some faculty professors took the risk to start teaching social media topics 5 years ago). In between those universities, I can name without any doubt the following universities: UC Berkeley, University of Japan, Northwestern, NYU, Columbia University, Wharton-University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Stanford, and MIT.

Tomorrow we will continue with the theme Social Media Segmentation Objectives. We have to race to Hong Kong.  “Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag increased their lead in this Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race today as the sprint for the finish line moved inside 1,700 nautical miles”. Let´s see which team is the winner. Thank you.

17:48 pm. San Salvador.


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