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Leg 4. From Melbourne to Hong Kong (VIII). What type of social media personality do we have?

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We are at full speed racing trying to finalize the topics about Social Media. I believe I will be able to finish the race tomorrow afternoon (CET time). For the purpose of today, I have prepared some presentation slides for you. I promise to re-visit this topic in the future. Someone asked me why do I spend my time writing about “out-of-date” information in relation to strategy frameworks. And I replied to him: Look, if we don´t know the basics, the fundamentals of how the strategy has been designed and done, we won´t be able to change it. It is important to evolve knowing our past to don´t make the same mistakes in the future. And our business organizations need to evolve, not because of social media… no, please don´t get me wrong. It is because social media gives a channel to communicate in real time with our clients. Each social media platform captures our clients wants and needs. It is because social media platforms help us to be social and understand each other. It is because social media help us to go where we can´t go. It is because social media give us the opportunity to collaborate, to share, it helps us to improve, to re-structure, and to fix all that is not correct. This world has to evolve… It has to change, it has to thrive with solidarity. And our business models are based on value propositions which must be valid in reality. We have to change our organizational structure for the new generations. Marketing researchers have spent millions of dollars trying to understand the customers with polls, online surveys, etc… but with social media tools, the art of understanding our customers is just the beginning to communicate better, create better societies, better business propositions, and more ethical values given the transparency of those social media platforms. Of course, there are a lot of technical things which have to be fixed first (security issues, hacking, etc.).

Let me leave you with the following slides.


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 If you wish to download these slides in PDF Format, click here: Eliescalante Leg 4 Social Media Segmentation d 18Jan 2018.

Thank you.

Source References:

Social Media Marketing, Textbook 2 edition, by Tracy L. Tuten (Author), Michael R. Solomon (Author)

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