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Some thoughts about Leg 4.

Good morning to you!

le-voilier-vestas-11th-hour-racing-endommage-apres-avoir-coule-un-bateau-de-peche-lors-de-la-4e-etape-de-la-volvo-ocean-race-au-port-a-hong-kong-le-20-janvier-2018_6006588-300x169What happens when we compete and an accident happens? I am deeply shocked by the tragic loss of a Hong Kong fisherman as a result of the collision between a local fishing vessel and Vestas 11th Racing Sailing Team.  My sincere and heartfelt condolences to all who are affected by such tragedy.

When we are competing with our beautiful businesses, external things happen. Good external events. And bad external situations. The collision was not expected to happen. But it happened. Vestas 11th had to retire from the Leg 4, just 30 nautical miles before arriving at Hong Kong. During all our lifetime, many events as such happen in our business endeavors. And the priority at that moment is to have a quick response towards the people who were hurt. Victims have to be repaired as soon as possible. We can’t go on without fixing, repairing and giving back to the families of the people who lost a relative or who lost assets or something in such tragic accident. I also wish to apologize to use the example of the Hong Kong Collision at the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 last Friday, but all these thoughts came into my mind when I was reading about the mishap. Any of the teams could have collided with other boats in this leg or future legs ahead.

These type of emergency situations happen in businesses too, external conditions such as an earthquake, a mudslide, heavy storms, accidents or man-made mistakes happen and it is useful to remind us that our priority has and must be our people. Anything else may be rebuilt or bought again, but one life can’t be redone after it has left this earth.


Landslide in San Salvador.

Accidents are accidents. No one plans to make them. Mistakes are mistakes, and no one is planning ahead in doing them. But it is only through making mistakes that we can improve, fix and repair to continue ahead. We have to learn from past lessons to do not make them again. For example: If we are planning a real estate project in a land where there is a risk of a mudslide event, it is unnecessary to make it there. Avoid the scene repetition. Avoid it at all costs.  Another mudslide will kill people,  kill our reputation and the many lives of the potential clients who will buy the project. Learning from historic or past events is wisdom. Pure wisdom!

for-failure-quotesNow let’s go to my own strategy racing results: After reviewing my last post, I have to admit: A set of presentation slides as the last one from Friday 19th will not be shared again as such to you. The last set of slides was not good. It was not good enough. The themes of micro-segmentation and big data need some deep analysis and adjustments. I also need to reframe some ideas. My excuse: I wanted to arrive faster before Akzo Nobel, and I uploaded without reviewing it twice and critically. I know today, I have to remake it. And I admit it. Fair enough, it is my fault. How many times do we compromise quality just because we want to be the earliest winners?... Not good. Quality must always be our priority, even if we arrive a bit later. I promise to repost the last presentation slides and do it right as it has to be. The same happens when we are ruling or leading decision making in business, we have to acknowledge when we make mistakes, accept our fault, fix and remake it. Sometimes mistakes are not our fault, as the collision accident, but we are affected by others actions or decisions. And once the situation has occurred, we have to fix what has to be repaired, learn from it no matter what circumstances,  and continue again. There is a concept of historical memory which we can’t forget here. We have to learn from our (or others)  mistakes and do not make them again. To repair what has been lost is important, repair to the ones we hurt. Take safety measures in advance to don´t repeat the same mistake again.

I have learned that in moments of crisis or accidents or collisions we have to pray in order to ask God for help and stand up. God gives us the strength and the inner force to continue after we repair the consequences of our mistakes.  With courage. Looking ahead. Always looking to the future without forgetting the lessons from past errors…
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Happy Sunday. With hope. And by the way, Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, amor de mi vida, te amo con toda mi alma!.

2:06 pm – San Salvador.


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