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Leg 5. From Hong Kong to Guangzhou (III). How industries evolve?

Good night to all of you.

Today I went swimming in the morning, and meanwhile my 2500 m training workout, I thought of this topic a lot. I wonder how quickly and far are we evolving from the introduction of new products to the general adoption of them.

I have prepared the following set of slides for this topic. I find it is going to be very interesting to follow how the new emerging technologies will be introduced, and they will be become obsolete or will be replaced by new technologies too.

future of GIF.gifThe real reason why I am not worried about AI (Artificial Intelligence) is:  I do believe in the wisdom of the human being. If AI technologies won´t add any value to our business humanity, these will be replaced by a new one, which will keep us on top of our own humanity.  There are many new emerging technologies which are more practical (probably less expensive too) and I do believe AI growth will continue to be postponed for some time. AI Prototypes will continue emerging, but it is still a lot of work required in terms of cybersecurity and other technical limitations we have to solve.  The Solar Energy technology took more than 200 years to emerge as it is actually, and still, it is not well positioned yet all over the world as the main source of energy.

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Find the last set of slides in PDF Format here: Eliescalante Leg 5 Life Cycle b 28Jan2018.

Thank you, this is all for today. Remember the Leg 5 from Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 has not started yet. It will begin in 5 days from now, but I started my strategy race material before because it is very extensive and I wish to give you several examples during the following week. The Industry Evolution is a beautiful topic. I adore to write about it, and that is why we started the Leg 5, before the sailing teams to race to Guangzhou.

Have a beautiful week. See you in my next post. Thank you for reading me. Particularly to you Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, thanks for reading me. Much Love!

windows evolution.gif

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