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Leg 6. From Hong Kong to Auckland (VII). Value Chain Analysis feels like to be at the Doldrums.

Good afternoon to all!

I wish you a beautiful day. I have been writing and writing and writing about the value chain analysis, and let me tell you, I feel this topic as if we are stuck in the Doldrums 😦

living your life

Living our VCA Analysis in a Goldfish Bowl. Source: Getty Images.

The VCA theme is so extensive, and it has been utilized for so long in our history of this century, that I have tried to stick to the basics with the purpose to understand it little by little. Otherwise, it is very hard to explain how the VCA has evolved to these days. In addition, each industry and company have their own particular value chain. To be fair with Porter´s Value Chain, if I really wish to develop this theme profoundly, probably just this subject will take me another Volvo Ocean Race of 9 months. Why? Because this framework has evolved a lot. And the ample applications of it, make it a source of many writings. At the moment I feel as the fleet in the Doldrums, living it from a fishbowl, but I will do my best. To write about the VCA in just one Leg is like to put a fish from the ocean in a fishbowl. But we will do our best.

Let´s see where are our sailors in the race.  Yesterday the 6 boats were crossing the Doldrums. The wind speed was lower and they were struggling how to get out from there.

Today, at the time I am writing this post, the position of the fleet has changed completely. The wind velocity has raised a bit, and the teams Akzo Nobel and Scallywag were the first to find the new pressure south of the Doldrums and now have taken the lead away from the fleet.

Let´s start: We have finished the explanation on how the VCA is used for Cost Analysis. Today we will dig into its second use: The VCA is utilized for Competitive Positioning or Competitive Differentiation Analysis. As stated previously, this topic is really extensive. I have been reading and writing about it, and I will try my best to describe it.

Find attached the presentation slides I have prepared for it. It is important we read the slides in each post because we are using them to develop the main ideas. If the quality of the slides is not good in your display, we always attach the PDF file at your hands.

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If you wish to download the slides in PDF format click here: Eliescalante Leg 6 The Value Chain Analysis d 16feb2018.

For the next post, we will need to use the following annex about Uniqueness Drivers. Find this annex below:

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If you wish to see the Annex Uniqueness Drivers in PDF Format click here: Eliescalante Leg 6 The Value Chain Analysis ANNEX Uniqueness Drivers.

This is all for today. I recommend you digest these two set of presentation slides. It is important. Tomorrow we will go over the 8 steps on how to do a competitive differentiation analysis. “Don´t worry about the bits you can´t understand yet”, we will land and comprehend them soon. Have faith, we will be able to finish the second use of the Value Chain Analysis in our next post.

All the best, blessings and thank worry about

13:47 pm – San Salvador.

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Disclaimer: All the content and presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by me. Nevertheless, the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos posted unless otherwise stated.

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