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When in Auckland. Let´s start our example of the Cheesecake Factory Value Chain Analysis.

Dear all:

Wishing you a beautiful week. After arriving in Auckland, all the teams and I just wanted to sleep. We were exhausted of 20 days at the ocean. I was also drained. Yesterday, I just wanted to rest!. But life continues, and today I decided to share some highlights  of Leg 6 provided by the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018:

Auckland is a beautiful place. I have seen some pictures and read information about this place. As usual, we will see the most important attractions of Auckland in the next pictures collage (all the pictures below are from ).

Auckland fresh markets NZ

Local Fresh Markets locations in Auckland, NZ. Source: Google maps.

In addition, I would like to show you a couple of pictures of the fresh food markets in Auckland. There are several markets in New Zealand. Do you remember my theory? If we wish to know the quality of the government in relation to caring about their people, let´s go to visit their main central fresh market. I have found beautiful snapshots of the Fresh Central Market in Auckland called Ceres. Moreover, there are several fresh markets organized around and out of Auckland: Ponsonby Central, Auckland Seafood Market, etc.

fresh markets.jpg

Ceres Fresh Market Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand. Picture source:

If you see any city main fresh market facilities clean, with a beautiful organization in place, with beautiful buildings, LEED lighting, maintenance, excellent safety and international standards for their hundreds of smallholders stores (in food safety, operational facilities, excellent quality and customer service) with additional value added features such an internal health clinic, kindergarten, constant training and human development for all the smallholders, etc.), then we can immediately diagnose that the village has a superior or at least a good municipal government (usually fresh markets are public and operated by the public municipal administration).

On the other hand, if the main fresh market is dirty, disorganized, without the minimum building and operational international standards, we can conclude that the city lacks caring for the sourcing of main fresh food inputs for their citizens. The main fresh food markets are the places where the majority of the population provisions their “feeding” inputs for a living. Private Supermarkets are positioned for high-end and middle-income groups, but the poorest of the poor citizens are always supplied from the central fresh markets. It is important to give the best conditions to those facilities and the smallholders who sell there. Local municipalities must make use of international standards to access global knowledge and to create new markets locally that help to coordinate organizational and productive improvements.  A Fresh central market (or several fresh food markets all over the city) have to compete in cost,  quality, and products with the private supermarkets.

eleccionesEl Salvador will celebrate a civic democracy party this coming Sunday. The Salvadoran population has to choose for the Congress new members and the municipal leaders in every city, village or town. I do hope all the people from my country go to vote. It is important to choose our leaders well. Our city has to look for a positive change urgently. We need to have a new Mayor for the city which can provide solutions to the most important problems of the communities. We need a wondrous new fresh food market for the city (or several fresh food markets), and we have to start doing many social, public and transportation projects such as the new Metrorail San Salvador, improve and provide high-quality public services (safety, security, recreational facilities, residual collection, beautiful gardens in the streets, etc.), beautiful parks and clean communities.

plaza libertad alvaro calero picture.jpg

Plaza Libertad, San Salvador. Picture from Alvaro Calero.

Teenagers and kids must have public libraries, public places to study after school and receive extracurricular reinforcement classes in math, technology, sciences, and English as a second language. Those places must provide free WiFi and computers for them. Many kids and teenagers in town do not have a computer, neither a mobile. In addition to those who can´t afford cultural and artistic disciplines (such as dance, theater, music, painting, etc.), the Mayor of the City must open excellent artist-cultural extracurricular schools where teenagers and kids can practice them at no cost, as much as their favorite sports (sports and arts are excellent and preventive measures against drug addiction, violence, and future gangs). The new Mayor of San Salvador City has to design, build and start the foundations for a modern and different value proposition, develop a new corporate citizen strategy, thinking in at least 80 years ahead. We need a visionary leadership which can help us to evolve and ask for more, not for less. A new corporate citizen strategy that answers to the requirements of our city, thinking in three generations aheadMy vote goes for a PLUS, a positive change for my town.


Peppermint Bark Cheesecake, The Cheesecake Factory.

Returning back to The Cheesecake Factory example, we will have 17 days until we leave Auckland to Itajaí, Brazil (the land of the samba). We will have enough days to go over this example. I am preparing the first set of slides at the moment, and I will upload them before the end of the week. We will have time  to do it step by step.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Blessings, and Thank you.

14:10 pm – San Salvador


Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos posted unless otherwise stated.

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