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Our Sojourn in Auckland (I). The Cheesecake Factory Uniqueness Analysis using VCA.

Good morning to all.

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Today is elections day in El Salvador. It is a beautiful celebration. Any democracy in the world has to celebrate the right to choose their leaders. Transparent democracies hold the most treasured blessing: our vote. It is sad when people do not vote because they don´t know the power of exercising the freedom to choose. How many countries in the world are still monarchies where the majority of the people don´t have any possibility to choose? Think of it. your vote, your voice

To have the freedom to choose is the most beautiful blessing. I do hope these local elections of Municipal Mayors and the new Congress members will be smooth, transparent and trustworthy. Some international agencies, diplomatic representatives, the United Nations and the European Union have appointed several delegates to observe the accurate and veridic process of them. If you are Salvadoran, go to vote, please. If you are parents, teach your kids about your own role behavior to treasure elections and go to vote.

Let´s start today with the famous Cheesecake Factory example.

During the last days, I have been trying to gather real information about the company. Of course, I have found several articles and the SEC filings data. Anytime we wish to pursue any strategy analysis, we need to read a lot of information. Since The Cheesecake Factory is a public company (trading in NASDAQ under the Ticker name CAKE), we can get plenty of financial information. But the secrets of success are always well kept.

ccf restaurant.jpg

The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants.

Only if I were a consultant hired by the company I could have all the data, but that is not possible. There is much confidential information that belongs only to the directors and superstructure of the firm. Given our limitations, for some of the steps of the Competitive Differentiation Analysis, we will use some illustrative data only, I will use approximates particularly when calculating costs of differentiation, or benefits of utility. Remember my aim is to illustrate the methodology approach on how to do the Uniqueness Analysis using the Value Chain, and what matters is that you can understand how to apply the methodology.  Moreover, when understanding the buyer value chain, we will do only a particular analysis of one segment of clients. The Cheesecake Factory has several buyer segments and what is more interesting, the company is adapting and evolving to remain as a leader for the Millenials taste, and become more appealing to the new buyers (the next generation Z) in advance. Another reason why I chose The Cheesecake Factory as an example, is because this firm has had the correct pace of growth in their own style. The company has survived several American economic downturns. And continues transforming itself for the palate delight of all of us living in the same “yellow submarine”.

generations living together..jpg

Let´s follow the slides today, as an introduction to the Uniqueness or Competitive Differentiation Analysis. All the information below is available in public sources of data on the internet and at the SEC Filings of the company.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you wish to see the last set of slides in PDF, click here: Eliescalante Leg 6 The Cheesecake Factory A 4032018.

I am in a hurry, at the moment I have to go to vote. It is a democratic party!!! Thank you!Thank you booknote.gif

9:03 am – San Salvador.

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos posted unless otherwise stated.



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