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Thought of the day. Direction is so much more important than speed

direction is so much

Many times during our days, we have been running and rushing for accomplishments… we do things for the sake of achievement. We have mastered the art of our own “ignorance” by following trends, adopting new things, new frameworks, new “e-coins”, new inventions, new technologies, new fashion, new gadgets, new methodologies… without asking ourselves first, if rushing in to be the first means to be the true loser.  To lose our most beautiful treasures which is family and the people we love and who love us, for the sake of “doing profits” is a recipe for disaster.

My thought for today: It is better to go slowly than to rush as crazy, without thinking about the consequences.   Speed has no relevance in business as in personal life if we lose the direction. When we lose the right direction, we lose more time, resources and people by trying to rectify and set the things right again. It is more expensive to repair what is wrong than to prepare the road for success accordingly. Let´s never lose the purpose of “the love for our future generations” in all our endeavors. Only God can help us to do the things right, at the right speed, and with the right direction. 


I have told this phrase to Alex Guillermo Artolachipi several times.

18:15 pm – San Salvador.

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