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Why being slow is sometimes better…

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For those of you who have been following me since last year, you may remember that I have written about the need for a Metro Rail in San Salvador City. Otherwise, please check my last posts here:

Why do we need a new Transportation System? Simply because the city collapses every day at peak and non-peak hours. The traffic is high. No matter what we do by changing old buses to new ones, the traffic is a huge problem for San Salvadorans.

And now there are new trains with non-pollution combustion available… Look at the video above.

Sometimes to be slow is better. We might be the first blessed country in Latin America, with a full clean energy train (powered by oxygen and hydrogen). You see why is good to wait for good things to happen!!! Fantastic idea don´t you think so?

The “Coradia iLint” is a version of the Coradia Lint 54 powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Announced at InnoTrans 2016, the new model will be the world’s first production hydrogen-powered trainset. “The Coradia iLint” will be able to reach 140 kilometers per hour (87 mph) and travel 600–800 kilometers (370–500 mi) on a full tank of hydrogen. The first “Coradia iLint” is expected to enter service in Lower Saxony, Germany. It will be assembled at Alstom’s Salzgitter plant.

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