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When in Auckland (III). The Cheesecake Factory Uniqueness analysis using the Value Chain.

Good afternoon.

i am not telling youWishing you a beautiful day. I am really happy that we are going to finish today with the application of the Value Chain Analysis to the Uniqueness or Competitive Differentiation Evaluation. Please, I encourage you to read all the slides. Take your slides from the last post related to this topic (steps 1 to 4), and let´s start today with the steps 5 to 8. Read the next slides, please, carefully and take your time to do it.

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Click here to get your slides in PDF Format please: Eliescalante Leg 6 The Cheesecake Factory C 06032018.

In addition, if you have any doubt about how to calculate costs of differentiation, or make linkages between value activities, or to find the uniqueness drivers not just for the company but also for the buyer, do not hesitate to contact me. The application of the Value Chain analysis is pretty detailed. In addition, I have chosen a very specific segment: Millennial moms living in the USA, which is different that millennial moms living in El Salvador or other less developed countries.

Millennial moms are approximately the 22% of the total Mom population in the United States. For the purpose of this example, the typical Millennial mom we are analyzing is in the mood of “Teleworking. Flex time. Remote desktops. Thanks to the explosion of technology, she sees no reason her career must mean traditional 9-to-5 cubicle work”. Instead, she has embraced working from home, cutting down on office costs and commute times. But this segment of clients is always busy. Young moms nowadays, do not think they are solely responsible for the housekeeping, cooking, and childcare. The idea of equality is so innate in their worldview. This is the market segment we are analyzing for the Cheesecake Factory example. In addition, I encourage you to read the following article from GlobalWebIndex website, to know a little bit more of this segment market: Mothers-Summary-Report-Q1-2017-Summary-Report. 

I consider myself a Future Millennial Mom even though I was born in 1970. As you know I have delayed my own personal priorities for several years, and I feel as a Millennial in a 47 years old body. I also have suffered as the Millennials for several years without employment. And I can relate to their pain and difficulties when they also struggle for their future. We are on the same page. As soon as I will have babies with Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, I will become a Millennial mom too.

This is all for today. Despite the generalizations and several assumptions, I have done my best to guide you through this methodology. All I can say: It is a lot of work. It is not easy. But it is worth the pain. No pain no gain. During the following days, we will finalize this topic, doing a summary of this example. We will wait if there are any questions from you. Otherwise, expect my next post before this Saturday 10th.

Thank you so much. Blessings.THank you wendy peter pan.gif

18:01 pm – San Salvador

Source References:

The rest of the references are included in the slides.

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos posted unless otherwise stated.


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