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Leg 7. From Auckland to Itajaí (II). Trends in Competitive Advantage. Is Industry 4.0 a force for good?

Good afternoon!

sailing gif 3It is almost 6 pm here in town. All the teams are sailing east now. So rapidly too. The boats are doing daily runs around 500 nautic miles and velocities between 25-30 knots. Incredible! The conditions for sailing have been fantastic. During the next days we will have big winds between 30 to 40 knots and it will be a challenge for all of us.

As far as my goal for today, please read the following slides. I also attach the PDF below. There will be a day soon in which I will start to produce some videos, but it is not the case yet, and please have patience with me until then. I have to buy good equipment and a camera too.

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Click here to see the presentation slides in PDF format: Eliescalante Leg 7 Trends in Competitive Advantage A 21032018.

This is all for today. My aim is to make us think about Industry 4.0. It is important to ask ourselves if Industry 4.0 will fix all the problems we have inherited with the past versions of our economies. We (all) from our own perspectives and disciplines have to change the way we are right now. And by doing it, we will connect with our purpose in the planet: God granted us real life to administer, keep and love the planet resources, species and ourselves. God did not granted us this planet to make wars. Neither to destroy each other. God gave us in his infinite plan the beautiful mission to love the planet and that means to love each other, to keep it and to produce with it all the beautifulness we already have. If we don´t think properly what we will do with Industry 4.0 now our next generations will suffer the consequences of our lack of vision. Don´t get me wrong: there are wonderful technologies which will help us to fight diseases for example, but what about the rest of technologies which will harm us… are we really caring for all the consequences with Industry 4.0?

Blessings and see you soon. We have to continue sailing. The wind is pushing us incredibly. Thank you.

17:36 pm- San Salvador.

thank you gif coffee industry 4.0.gif

Source References which have helped me today:

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