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Leg 7. From Auckland to Itajaí (VII). Passing Cape Horn. Happy Easter!

Wishing you a lovely day. Today is the beginning of Easter. Everyone here is on vacations, except me. I am sailing with the Volvo Ocean Race fleet.  And we are so happy we are around Cape Horn. Today, “the meaning of Easter, for millions of Christians, is that of honoring and recognizing Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, and His glorious promises of eternal life for all who believe in Him”. To arrive at Cape Horn is like a big hope come true.

Easter Blessings.gif

We also recognize that we have been blessed to celebrate the beginning of Easter in one piece. Team Brunel is leading the fleet at the moment, and stage 2 of Leg 7 is starting on our way up north to Itajaí. Congratulations to Team Brunel!.

Watch the moment in which Team Brunel fleet is rounding the sailing’s most iconic landmark, Cape Horn.

Tomorrow we will continue with the next topic in our journey Trends in Competitive Advantage: “If it doesn´t improve citizens´ quality of life, it is not competitive advantage”. friendsI wish so much this blog could be read by the authors of my strategy books such as Henry Mintzberg, Robert M. Grant, Michael Porter or the Blue Ocean authors Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim, and many of other professors-authors who have marked my life. matildacelebrate_0Why? Because I am convinced,  the best strategy authors I have read, also know why we have to stop rushing in our strategic roadmap for Industry 4.0. I believe, they also have arrived at my same rationale of life. We can´t rush what we have not been educated for. I always think in the 3,300 years it took the abacus to evolve to the first mechanical calculator. Why rushing into something, we are not prepared yet to live (neither in knowledge or solutions, etc.)?.  Sometimes I wish to be speaking with these strategy guru authors about all these things. I pray JesusChrist that Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi would like to accompany me to speak with them and validate all altogether what is really happening… I pray to God, Alejandro Lozano and I will be able to invite them for a cup of coffee someday soon. Life is so pretty, and we must do the things right. For once.

Have a lovely Easter time.

thankyou humo cafe

Thank you so much.


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