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Leg 7. From Auckland to Itajai (VIII). Industry 4.0: only if it improves the quality of life.

Good afternoon!

tumblr_mu9hzrnNlU1robt6co1_500Wishing you a beautiful afternoon. I am so glad to check that after crossing the Southern Ocean, my CST  location in Central America is just 2 or 3 hours behind the fleet.

After passing Cape Horn, we thought we were safe enough after the brutal episode of the Southern Ocean. Well, that was not the case. Three boats had to stop racing.

  • Mapfre, had to do a pit-stop in order to make repairs to the mast track, as well as to the main sail. MAPFRE Shore crew were in Chile and supported the boat to undertake the necessary repairs with the crew. Mapfre was out of the race for several hours, returning back yesterday.
  • Turn the Tide on Plastic also had to do a stop to check a damaged rig. But TTOP returned back to the race too.
  • Vestas 11th Racing went off the race. The boat was dismasted. Vestas 11th Hour Racing suffered a dismasting approximately 100 miles southeast of the Falkland Islands. The entire crew is safe and uninjured. The mast broke just above the first spreader but has been cut away to protect the hull from damage. This team decided to retire their boat at the Falkland Islands.

And SHK/Skallywag is still on its way to Chile. It seems to me they will make port between Concepción and Puerto Montt in a few days.

We thought that by rounding Cape Horn, we were going to be safe. Not true. The same happens when designing and executing strategy… External extreme conditions can break our boats. High velocities of the wind can destroy our yatchs… A petit detail such as as a clip and a tether can make a difference, no matter how top tier technologies we test.

51e9fd1bf83e5372a2c90b165104477fMoreover, I am reporting a damage in my boat. My mast sail also will need to be replaced. My boat mast sail (the computer I was using) is not with me anymore. Let me report this event to Alicante Headquarters: “Oficially at 14:14 pm, my laptop was removed from my desk. I was up to upload the material and presentation slides which I  prepared during the last 2 days, when my laptop was removed. I won’t be able to use that laptop from now and then”.

I lost a valuable tool. My laptop. With this challenge, I am also reporting a huge damage to my boat (I sail alone in my boat, in consequence the crew is safe).

I will try to replace my laptop  with another one during the next days. At the moment I am writing from a little gadget. Alicante VOR HQ, please be with me.

Find the presentation slides attached in PDF. Eliescalante Leg 7 Outline Trends in Competitive Advantage E 31032018.

Thank you. Blessings and big hugs to the rest of the fleet.


PostData: sorry for the typos. I am trying to write from a petit device. It is so hard. In addition, there is a quick fix to do at the presentation slides, at each headline “Industry 4.0: Only if improves the citizens quality of life”.

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