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Leg 7. From Auckland to Itajaí (IX). I will continue sailing with another boat.

web__mg_14811-a5e9afbd06119c6a4e15131815369810-640-0Despite the tragedy of the damage to my mast sail, I have decided to continue sailing with another boat, this petit mini tablet. Yesterday I initiated the search for a new laptop, but in the meantime we will continue publishing as usual. Please my apologies for not doing Powerpoint slides for some days, meanwhile I sort out this emergency. I can’t make the slides using this petit gadget. My fingers are immense “par rapport” this mini tablet, and I can’t use the Powerpoint to make quality graphs, etc… The little the smart screen, the difficult it is for me to design pretty  templates in real time.

Thank you for your consideration. On my next post, the theme will be “Industry 4.0: only if it reduces poverty as a competitive advantage”.

Blessings. Eleonora





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