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Leg 9. From Newport to Cardiff (III). Digital Transformation

Good afternoon!

600.1 milesFirst of all, it has been a fantastic time for all of us, the last 24 hours sailing experience when crossing the North Atlantic ocean. Teams Akzo Nobel and Team Brunel (both Dutch) reached their highest records in sailing distance per day. Team Akzo Nobel set the new record ever at the Volvo Ocean Race, for the greatest distance sailed in 24 hours: 600.1 nm, beating the last highest existing record mark, the 596.6 miles set by Torben Grael’s team “Ericsson 4” in the 2008-09 edition.  Akzo-Nobel average speed was 25.08 knots. Grael’s daughter, Martine is on board at Akzo Nobel now, and she has overpassed her dad record by 3.5 miles only!

At the moment we are all being pushed by the wind, on our way to Cardiff. Let´s see where we are right now:

position 25052018

The position of the fleet 25-May-2018

In relation to the topic of today, Digital Transformation, let me show you, what we have prepared for today. Please read the slides thoroughly. Thank you.

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If you wish to download the set of slides in PDF, please click here: Eliescalante Leg 9 Digital Disruption Transformation.

Let´s enhance some of the most important ideas for today´s theme. As we said it previously, the perspective of our analysis is “balance”. How to keep the equilibrium of our humanity when we face radical changes in business or when we are planning to become forerunners, or getting ahead of the rest. From the perspective of “balance”, we choose several publications from Bain & Company, one of the most respectable strategic consulting companies. We did it on purpose. Bain has been a consulting company which has took the digital transformation with a “balanced approach”. We like it. They coined the word “digical”, from digital and physical. The recognition of a digital world and physical world working together made us believe that Bain Consultants have taken the right wise pace, and “orchestrated” way in terms of the “mental model” to follow. As Bain has stated it: “The truth is that both the digital world and the physical one are indispensable parts of life and of business. The real transformation taking place today isn’t the replacement of the one by the other, it’s the marriage of the two into combinations that create wholly new sources of value. This is a phenomenon we at Bain call Digical®, and it is likely to reshape not only the way people live, but the way companies operate”.

animatedmobilesitenewDigital Transformation requires wise savvy multidisciplinary teams which need to be educated for the digital era. Don´t try to replace your best employees. Educating people (inside our organization) takes a while. Creating new capabilities takes a lot of time. We can´t force success. The digital transformation must be slow enough to make it right. But fast enough to continue generating profits. And here we land again in the word “equilibrium or balance”.  Digital Transformation without digitally educating your own employees and creating new capabilities “from inside out” is not successful. Balance is required.

Once again, business leaders can´t orchestrate a digital transformation with capped minds… why?

  • Because a capped mind has a “limited” mental model. This mental framework doesn´t help to create digital transformations with wisdom, because we are looking only at the outside of the company.
  • Any change (to be successful) has to come from a different mental model: From inside out.
  • By going faster than what it is required, leaders use brain mental models incorrectly: use digital technologies to enhance company´s speed to sell more products and services. Sell and sell and sell can´t be the motto of our digital transformations. Any digital transformation has to be based on knowledge, understanding, learn again, build wisdom and solve problems holistically.
  • “Few companies are using digital technologies to solve problems and boost performance across the organization”. They “underinvest in the broad changes to the business model and culture that enable speed, learning, and agility”.
  • Tgevorderden-01-300x231.jpghe worst is that companies are not taking the time to test the digital model first, or include testing several times before scaling them to sell for maximum impact. Scary eh!. This is like selling a cabernet sauvignon without aging. Even though not all wines are meant to be aged, some of the most perfected wines do need time to taste better. For example,  as wine ages, the harsh tannins of its youth gradually give way to a softer, gentle and pleasant mouthfeel.  Of course, we don´t have to wait too long, when the wine will transform itself into vinegar. But, we are convinced, that many of the wisest digital technologies´innovators and inventors, do know how important is to leave the technology mature “enough” for better results.

This is all for today. We hope to upload our next post later. Digital Leadership.have a fantastic day gif.gif

Thank you.

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Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.




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