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Revenge Strategy, wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless (XVII). Fake news about Hitler “official” death?

independence day

Have a beautiful Latin American Independence season. September is one of my favorite months. Since I was in high school, it was the beginning of the windy season, and it was the prelude to using light cozy sweaters. In addition, it is the month to reminiscence Independence from Spain. El Salvador, in the midst of other Latin American countries, was emancipated from the Royal House of Spain by winning our freedom on the 15th of September 1821. September is beautiful, it is autumn, it is extremely pleasant.

Let´s land into our strategic affairs.

Today we will finish with Hitler´s matters. I will write about his presumable “fake death” and escape to South America. By the end of this week, before September 15th, we will cover my personal strategic analysis about the significance of the Pearl Harbor attacks during WWII, and we will make the closure with the lessons learned from WWII at a corporate strategic level.

Did Hitler die on April 30th, 1945?

My hypothesis is that Adolf Hitler and  Eva Braun (his partner), did not expire on that day.

What is the meaning of the term hypothesis? It is a statement acknowledged, independently of its truth or falsehood, as a principle from which a series of propositions can be deduced. It is a conjecture that is anticipated as a solution and sometimes turns out to be true or helps to discover the truth.

Again, I am not a historian. I search for history because we as corporate strategists must include it in all our analyses (whatever industry, business, or decision-making we are hired to perform). I also justify some of my corporate strategy analysis with history. But, my hypothesis is that Hitler and his family were able to escape from the Russians. If you were able to read the whole war Prussian Kingdom strategy, which started more than 100 years before WWII, I am convinced that Germany´s leaders also included the plan to rescue Hitler in the event that they were defeated or they lost WWII.

There have been several conspiracies theories that have tried to provide an answer based on historical evidence. But nothing has been confirmed with DNA accurate tests or cross information from several sources. The only way we can reassure that Hitler and his family did not pass away, is by doing serious research which combines all the efforts from several sources, like the FBI, the CIA, and Hitler´s or Israel Historians or book producers who have been doing it for more than 75 years.

Lately, the History Channel, one of my favorite ones, has been showing a TV series named “Hunting Hitler” in 3 seasons and 25 episodes. It has been produced by Karga Seven Pictures, a TV production company from Red Arrow Studios. Red Arrow Studios is one of the world’s international leading creators of entertainment content. “Hunting Hitler” is based on the hypothetical premise that “if Adolf Hitler escaped from the Führerbunker in Berlin days before the end of World War II, how might he have done so and where might he have gone”. The show was conceived after the declassification of FBI documents exploring whether Hitler was alive in the late 1940s.

When I was watching this series, I was not shocked to observe the different declassified reports, nor the diverse possible escape routes. But what astounded me is that the nazi party and its German community affiliates living abroad could have been able to help a defeated emperor to escape so perfectly that Hitler was not detected.  My hypothesis is that this was carefully outlined in advance, and it was planned to keep it in secrecy until Hitlers´ descendants could have been safe and living in anonymous status.  If we don´t have enough evidence for my hypothesis, we can´t blame historians, archaeologists, the press, and forensic researchers from that time. Europe was blockaded into justice.  The majority of intellectual capital with Jewish roots was assassinated and segregated. It was not possible for them to take control of the confirmation of the Hitlers´suicide.

I am persuaded that Hitlers´fake suicide was the perfect strategy to derive the attention of the rest of the Nazi leadership survivors. And I suggest, Hitler´s escape was planned since the beginning of WWII.

Were the Hohenzollerns involved directly with Adolf Hitler?

Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Prussia (1871–1914), in the era of Wilhelm II, Source: David Liuzzo.

The House of Hohenzollern was the “official” corporate strategy leadership of the German Empire from 1871 up to 1918.  But the Hohenzollerns´ dynasty started in 1190 with Frederick Von Hohenzollern of Nuremberg. I can´t accuse this family´s ancestors of Hitlers´escape and protection, but I am convinced that any German leader like Hitler, who wished to expand the Prussian empire, would have been granted at least, the protection of those who fought for Germany in previous centuries. Hitler, at least at the beginning of World War II, had the support of German Nobility. As an example, we know of the participation of one member of the Hohenzollern family at the Wehrmacht (the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945). Furthermore, there is historic evidence that Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, the grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II, took part in the invasion of France. He was wounded during the fighting in Valenciennes and died in a field hospital in Nivelles on 26 May 1940.

After Prince Wilhelm of Prussia´s death, Adolf Hitler prohibited members of Germany´s formerly reigning houses to participate directly in any military operations of the Wehrmacht through the Prinzenerlass decree. My perception is that the Prinzernerlass was a protective measure from Hitler to shield the royal princes. Before WWII, Hitler guarded the members of Royal Germany, and probably some of the members of German nobility were also forced (in secrecy) to protect him in return during the last days of WWII. Even if the German Royal Family was not encouraging Hitler´s abominations, there is something about keeping protection between wolves, despite their ultimate intentions.   If my hypothesis is correct, at least Adolf Hitler and his family might have had a “passport strategy” to leave Berlin before the Russian final move in April 1945.

Where did the Hitlers go afterward? We do not know. There is plenty of subsequent hypothesis about this (Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Turkey, Chile, Paraguay, Switzerland, even Asia). Whatever the case, Hitler had the support and the resources to escape. He also had the time to do it. He could have used doppelgangers (replicas to cover his death), or he simply negotiated his escape with the Russians too. Again these are just my hypothesis theories. But even if veracious investigators followed the possible escape route, more than 75 years have passed.

If Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had children or not, we do not know it. If they departed Germany and settled for several decades together, it could be possible they had children. In addition, given the complex Nazi´s racist plans, it may be possible that Hitler´s sperm could have been used to procreate many descendants, and the respective moms wouldn´t have even known it. My bet is that Hitlers´descendants are among us, do have a different last name, and if their respective families were able to live under anonymity. It will be extremely difficult to find them.

Lebesborn Clinic. Germany

There was a program called Lebensborn, which was carefully implemented by the Nazi´s regime. According to an article of the New York Times, Lebensborn refers to a series of clinics scattered throughout Germany and neighboring countries, to which pregnant women, most of them single, went to give birth in secret. They were cared for by doctors and nurses employed by the SS, the Nazi Party’s feared paramilitary unit. To be accepted into the Lebensborn, pregnant women had to have the right racial characteristics — blonde hair and blue eyes — prove that they had no genetic disorders, and be able to prove the identity of the father, who had to meet similar criteria. They had to swear fealty to Nazism and were indoctrinated with Hitler’s ideology while they were in residence. About 6,000 to 8,000 people were born in these clinics in Germany between 1936 and 1945. Because of the program’s secrecy, most were not told for decades the circumstances of their births or the identities of their fathers, which were not recorded on their birth certificates. Some still do not know the truth”(Mark Landler).

Does this affect our global peace? Yes if the Nazi´s descendants are nazis, The issue may spring up if any Nazi or descendant of Hitler with a Nazi Ideology rises into power. That will be the astronomic difficulty for future generations. Any royal or non-royal German Blue-blooded member is able to find a way through democratic means into power, but if he or she has a Nazi mentality we are and we will be in troubles. Particularly because we do not know them. They are hidden under new last names and different nationalities.

I will leave this article here. See you again in a few days. Thank you.


Source of References utilized to write this article:


Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante. Nevertheless, all the pictures, images or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated. 

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