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Losing our brains with disruptive technologies (XXXIV): Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Today we will continue with the strategic reflections of how the communications between humans have been affected by disruptive technologies.

Let´s start asking ourselves the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Some have affirmed for thousands of years that the egg. Other valedictorians affirm is the chicken. And just recently, quantum physics researchers have a new answer for the age-old brain-teaser: Possibly both.

chicken or egg

Quantum Physics researchers have discovered that “it can be impossible to say in which order two events occur, obliterating our common-sense notion of before and after and, potentially, muddying the concept of causality.” So now we have to add a third possible answer to this antique conundrum.

Which came first, the technologies or human fulfillment? During the last 20 years, technological inventions have disrupted our “way of living” and our way of “taking decisions” at the individual, family, company, city, state, nation and global levels. Now I ask you: Which has to come first, the NAIQI technologies (Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, Internet) or the human productions (what we do)? Do you think it is the NAIQI, or the human accomplishments (our products and services), or possibly both?

When the NAIQI started to develop more and more 30 years ago, we decided to use them to make our work accomplishments more efficient and effective.   Read again: “we used them to make our own quickly”. NAIQI technologies came to help us. But today, NAIQI is becoming the driver for our businesses´ realizations and not the other way around. Now, I ask you which comes first, the technology or the human needs and wants?

Communications technology evolution. Our human race did not need NAIQI technologies to communicate. We have always communicated with others despite the Internet. Six thousand years ago we used symbols, then we have used drawings, hand signs, smoke signals, oral language, written cuneiform messages over clay tablets, messenger pigeons, papyrus, handwritten letters, telegrams, printed press papers and books, fixed-line telephone until the arrival of the Internet (30 years ago).

With NAIQI in place, we switched from the traditional communications model to the internet economy, and the communications such as internet emails, internet instant messaging, mobile phones, Smart-phones, wearable watch-phones, started to drive businesses. Read again: the technologies have started to drive our endeavors.

Once you understand that the Internet (included in NAIQI technologies) came to disrupt our traditional way of living, then and just then we can comprehend that the arrival of the Internet technologies (without any type of regulation or boundaries) started the contagiousness to each and all of the rest of activities in our endeavors.  Without hesitation, our civilization started to become Internetized and NAIQI takers. We became avid, greedy, rapacious to adopt the most recent technology in the market. And no one (not even the top scientists and society leaders) asked first if at least this was the way to go. Our civilization rolled out the NAIQI in every single thing we could ever think of. No limits attached to it. No inquisitive wondering on how was going to be deployed with carefulness to keep our society values. No filtering, in relation to which industries could be affected by NAIQI at their core, or which segments of the value chain could use these technologies, and/or which do not. No one even put in “water to soak” any of the newest NAIQI tech inventions. This has been the rule of thumb during the last 30 years. We simply became technology producers, NAIQI trendsetters, where the new version of a gadget or technological upgrade substituted the old version. As customers,  without the need, we simply took the “buy NAIQI” assertiveness to upgrade us. We started to confuse who we were, with what technology we were able to buy and use. And that triggered NAIQI explosiveness. We wanted to be more by the amount or the degree of sophistication of our NAIQI acquisitions.


Watching NAIQI technologies with another view…  NAIQI technologies without any boundaries, are affecting our brains and our cultural values. A portion of an aquarelle painted by Eleonora Escalante.

After 30 years of the Internet disruption era, NAIQI technologies have come first, before the individuals´ fulfillment or the organization purpose. Observing the last 30 years of communications technologies, it is obvious that the newest communication technologies were driving the individuals and businesses, and not the other way around.

Look at it with a vivid current example: It is so nice to see the COVID19 geo-tracking LIVE dashboards that we can access at several websites. We are informed automatically, and we are able to see the casualties, deaths, recovered patients per country, hot spots, data per village, per region. How quickly and nice it is?
But no one really lands in the meaning of the dashboard. People are dying all over the globe because there is no cure neither enough resources to a super contagious sickness that is spreading everywhere because of human mobility. We have lost our soul and the brains of the meaning of a contagion. By using technologies our brains get dumb, and we start to look for the technologies in our quest to find solutions (or to reinvent the wheel) when in reality the cure to any contagion is simple: stop the spread of it. The only way to stop human contagion is by stopping mobility or finding a cure.  When we can´t move from one place to another one, the infection contagion stops, naturally.  Testing is simply a tool to understand who is sick and who is not sick, and then proceed with the COVID19 sanitary protocol. But if a sickness is transmitted by asymptomatic carriers and the testing tools and testing resources are not available, or are incomplete, the spread continues and will continue. And each day in which people are mobile, the more virus carriers abound.

When in times of a crisis, the technology can be mocked with wrong data. Even the most beautiful NAIQI applications, if filled with wrong data, won´t be able to help us to solve our problems. Many decisions will be incorrect.

The NAIQI technologies used in communications are teasing our brains. People have started to confuse the virtual with reality. What makes us human has been replaced by  the “tool” of using NAIQI technologies. Professors of experienced backgrounds are being replaced by machines. Traditions of generation by generation training are being displaced.  In our search to promote the “star” economy, we sell our right to privacy at the cheapest cost. Surveillance and society control by using NAIQI gadgets are seeing as normal.

The NAIQI technologies are killing the illusions, our desire to discover for the first time. The tradition of waiting the prime time to see or hear or read an episode of our favorite series or bestseller book is gone. No one cares for first times rituals or pre-planned schedules for discovery. The streaming is there. Everyone can get the episode or the information at the sound of a snap. The expectation of seeing the scoop on something new has been lost. Nobody is interested in feeling the anxiety of waiting for a new episode anymore.  There is no time for anything else but to see what is next, what is coming, next, and next and next…

What type of new society are we building when what comes first are the technologies, not our human fulfillment?

brain bearfoot graphics

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