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On eagles wings: our recovery from Coronavirus (XI). The meaning of excellent testing.

Important Correction Note- 28/May/2020:  “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines warning that antibody test results can have high false-positive rates and should not be used to make decisions about returning people to work, schools, dorms or other places where people congregate”. Given the CDC’s last advice, it is clear for Eleonora Escalante Strategy that serological testing can´t be used when it comes to planning for economic-educational recovery. Please take notice. Serological testing can´t be used because it is inaccurate, and I am correcting all my episodes related to Coronavirus testing accordingly.

Have a lovely Wednesday.

I would like to continue to guide you in our journey to be “corona free”. Last Monday, I wrote about the passion that ignites us to fulfill our purpose in life. This motivation is called the need for achievement which is crucial for society’s development.

Our current top motivation, in every single society, at a national, regional, and global scale should be “let´s be corona free”. To stop the spreading of the Covid19 should be our motto. This motivation must be at the core of our souls, from petit enfants up to elders in a nursing home. Nothing is more relevant than to heal ourselves. No more soul carriers on earth that could continue passing the virus to others through the air or Coronavirus contaminated objects.

I would start with the eco-cities as of next week. But today, let me introduce just some ideas in relation to eco-cities.  Then I will proceed to show you what is an “operation diamond testing. Let´s begin.

Mom is protecting me Eliescalante ES for blog

“Mom is protecting me”. A petit aquarelle by Eleonora Escalante. Handmade in Fabriano 5 paper. Size: 5″ x 7″(inches). If you wish to buy it please click here:

About eco-cities. I am eager to write about eco-cities, and why this lockdown must be used to change our minds in relation to how to organize ourselves after this pandemic, particularly when it comes to city design, mobility, environmental friendship, and cleanness. As you already have discovered, the reason why confinement or lockdown has been established is to isolate people. To stop the Covid19 contagion. To stop asymptomatic carriers to mobilize the virus.

An eco-city that allows mobility with proper social contact distance is safer than one that has crowded transportation systems.

An eco-city that promotes biking with protected cycling lines all over their streets and avenues is safer than one that only has buses, trams, or metro-subways.

An eco-city with environmentally-friendly hospitality services (restaurants, food, and drink businesses) is capable to open up its facilities because social distancing is respected.

An eco-city with well organized public markets that allows grocery and essential good vendors in each neighborhood are safer than a city with one single city market or delivery services.

An eco-city in which every citizen utilizes a facial mask and cleans its hands constantly with alcohol gel or disinfectant is also safer than a dirty community in which everyone is spreading germs through hand-contact.

An eco-city that understands how to do Covid19 testing efficiently is much well equipped than any plus high-end rich country without an organized system to diagnose the sickness.

In summary, an excellent eco-city is in a much better position to destroy the Coronavirus than others.

Before starting with the full deployment dedication to eco-cities conceptual formations and its strategic reflections; I would like to re-identify some views of the meaning of good testing.  What is the meaning of a good Coronavirus testing process and why many developed economies have failed to implement it?

If you wish to know about the particularities of COVID19 testing, I advise you to read the following article: Covid19 Testing updates. 

Operation “Diamond Testing”. As I mentioned in my publication of  12th May 2020 there are four crucial variables of testing:

    1. Quantity: if testing is not enough in the number of individual tests, test kits, and substantial inputs for results processing (max 24 hours after the test has been taken), then our operation testing is faulty.
    2. Quality: if testing laboratories deliver defective tests, or if the testing is not done properly by health personnel,  it can provide false results. As you already know there are two types of tests (1) the molecular RT-PCR and (2) the serological testing, and both formats have been designed with different purposes and technologies.
    3. Frequency:  Testing has to be regularly done under a frequency duration, to reconfirm the initial results. Testing must be done under a pre-established frequency to be successful.
    4. Territory: if communities are open to mobility and external entrance from other contaminated foreign carriers continues, testing doesn´t help either. It is useless. So, if we want testing to help us to stop the contagion, territories must be under a temporary dome lockdown or bubble to help that specific community to be Corona free.

These 4 variables must be evaluated carefully. All simultaneously should exist,  for a diamond excellent testing strategy to be successful. Let´s assume that laboratories don´t fail us (which is not the current case). Let´s pretend that we get molecular RT-PCR tests of excellent quality and are realized adequately by the health test practitioners. Let´s assume that there are enough tests and health laboratories in the city, not just to cover each and all the individuals, even in the highest populated risky populations. Given these two assumptions, we have started to build a “perfect” testing scenario. Then the most relevant contexts to make testing helpful and advantageous are the contexts of geographic space and timing.

The corporate strategy of a “Diamond excellent testing” relies on the following process:on eagles wings Testing strategy

If you wish to download the last slide, please click here: Eleonora Escalante Strategy On eagles wings Testing strategy

Once you read the last slide, I am convinced that you will understand why the lockdown and the testing are weaved in between for victory.  Testing without a temporary lockdown is worthless.   The only way that testing can be triumphant is

(1) by stopping the mobility of people for a certain amount of days (according to the health experts that period – if done well- is around a month and a bit more – the quarantine).

(2) by closing frontiers and airports, or by putting a protective dome over the city. 

(3) by being sure that testing is accurate.  Important Correction Note- 28/May/2020:  “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines warning that antibody test results can have high false-positive rates and should not be used to make decisions about returning people to work, schools, dorms or other places where people congregate”. Given the CDC’s last advice, it is clear for Eleonora Escalante Strategy that my suggestion scheme to start school is not feasible with serological testing. Please take notice. Serological testing can´t be used for the purposes of this article, and I am correcting this chapter accordingly.

The “corona-free” status only comes when the village or city or community is mindfully informed and conscious that testing and a temporary lockdown must be coupled, for a full together operation. The community is healed from inside out because it has a protective dome (no one from outside enters). Sadly and otherwise, testing is vain and useless.

However if laboratories create defective tests (bad quality), or the city doesn´t test all its population (insufficient quantity) or people continue to move in and out of the home during that time, or if governments open airports and frontiers to potential asymptomatic carriers, the contagion spread continues, and nothing we do, will control or reduce the number of new cases and deaths. 

The economic recovery will unfold naturally once each city is healed. Internal buying and selling activities or domestic commerce can begin in each city once they win their “corona-free” status. Of course, the precautionary measures must continue after the lockdown. We must continue with the safety sanitary rules (we all know them: keep social distancing, usage of facial masks, sanitization of hands, withdraw crowded spots, etc).  Also, some good news, business trading can begin in-between “corona-free cities”.

In my next publication, I will begin with the eco-cities guarantees of a better future, after this pandemic. My hugs and blessings for you.

eagle fight dance


Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.


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