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On eagles wings: our recovery from Coronavirus (XII). Serological testing is not the way.

Dear readers:

As you have already observed, I have been trying to figure out ways in which we can re-start our economies in the middle of this despair. And Eleonora Escalante Strategy advised the usage of testing to help to identify the virus. I have already provided strategic “common sense advise”, assuming that the tests provided by the laboratories are accurate. Nevertheless, just this week the CDC has published that serological testing must not be used because it still provides fallacious results. Please read this article from the magazine TIME that I got just a few hours ago

Immunologists have begun to open up about the lack of reliability of serological testing, in consequence, as a corporate strategy advisor, I will believe in them, and I have to let you know of it immediately.  In addition, “the CDC  or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines warning that antibody test results can have high false-positive rates and should not be used to make decisions about returning people to work, schools, dorms, or other places where people congregate”.

Given these set of circumstances,  even though I was very clear to state that the only way in which we can apply the “wonder woman strategy” or the “dome temporary strategic” model, is by being sure that testing works. I wrote it as part of my assumptions. Now that it is clear to us that testing is not 100% secure, please take notice.   If testing is not reliable (in this case the antibody serological testing is not the way), my strategy won´t be correct either. Please I kindly request you to don´t use serological tests because the CDC just admitted these tests are not accurate in 100% of the cases.

Please be aware that any of my advisory recommendations rely on the accuracy of the sanitary medical advise. If the health authorities (CDC) and other immunologists have admitted the lack of accuracy when using antibodies serological testing, my recommendation for testing is not proper. The Coronavirus is a work-in-progress dynamic event. In consequence, I must refresh my publications, asserting that serological testing can´t be used for economic-opening plans when it comes to re-starting businesses or places where people gather, such as schools, universities, workplaces.coronavirus free tag

In any case, Eleonora Escalante Strategy has already advised consistently that schools or universities must not open for the time being. We have to learn to deal with the pandemic at an adult level, and my strategic solutions are simply built with good intentions. But if testing is not right, nothing will be valid.

Thank you for your understanding. I appreciate your consideration. It is important for you to get regarded. With this CDC confirmation, it is clear to all of us that the reason why the virus has spread so much in many cities, which have used testing, is simple. Tests are not accurate, and my initial perception of the spread issue was correct. At the end of the day, the best solution is to stay at home, avoid the contagion, and wait until the health authorities tell us that we can begin to work or study again.

Blessings.  Thank you.


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