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On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus (XXXIII). Please test the arrayán.

I have the blessing of the curiosity to learn about the properties of plants and food. I believe that our organisms show what we eat. I am not faithful to my own knowledge when it comes to food, because even if I try to keep a healthy diet, I am not that good at implementing it daily. We are sailing the virtue of “courage under suffering”, and the antithesis of it is cowardice.

arrayan1Ultimately, I have read plenty of information in relation to the fruit called arrayan. That is how we call it in El Salvador (psidium friedrichsthalianum). In our family, we treasure the power of plants to heal our sicknesses. I just know that this fruit psidium friedrichsthalianum is such a blessing that cures many, but many diseases, or at least it heals from inside out, many respiratory diseases. I visited today the website that has been updated by the University of Basel in conjunction with a team of experts that is “providing information about worldwide planned, ongoing, and completed trials on any intervention to treat or prevent SARS-CoV-2-infections. They combine automatic search strategies with expert manual extraction of key trial characteristics performed in duplicate”.

I used the search option to find if the arrayán was being used in tests to cure this disease, and no laboratory or expert is doing it. I beg for a lab or a bio-medicine lab that believes in the power of the plants, to initiate a test with the arrayán salvadoreño, please. I do not have scientific evidence if this fruit will be able to cure the Coronavirus, but I do know for sure that has many properties for the respiratory system, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, etc. Here in town, it has healed multiple diseases, including cancer.

Please, don´t dismiss the power of the plants. God since our creation, has put the plants to heal us, and I am sure God knew thousands of years ago that a mortal sickness as this one was going to happen. I am convinced that plants have the power to heal this horrendous mortal illness. And I beg for a bio-medical recognized laboratory to start to test with the Arrayán salvadoreño. Please.  People are dying and it is cowardice from the top specialists to don´t test the power of natural fruits-leaves-flowers-seeds medicine, just because we have chosen the path of the disruptive and genetic technologies.  I beg you to please test the arrayán (psidium friedrichsthalianum). Maybe we can find a cure. Maybe there is hope inside the humbleness of the arrayanes salvadoreños.  Find a picture of the fruit below.

arrayan pic

Arrayán Salvadoreno psidium friedrichsthalianum, a picture from Angel Iraheta, Photography.

If it works, and if it cures or prevents the SARS-CoV-2-infections,  only the evidence of the experts will tell. I can only remind them, to the healing biomedical specialists and authorities to don´t dismiss the plants. Please. We beg you.

The arrayan cures Coronavirus

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