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On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus (LI). The End.

It is terribly sad to finish this saga, but as much as we wish the cure for Coronavirus, and turn the page of the pandemic, we also have to prepare the gear and material to continue with another new epic in a few days. Our recovery from Coronavirus started with the aim to make a solid awareness that after any disaster, we can re-emerge righteously again. The COVID19 pandemic came when we less expected it, and we as a planet were not ready, neither in mindset, solutions, procedures, neither in ethical values to sort it out successfully. During the last 6 months, we have observed the quality of “ethical values”, when it comes to countries´ leadership decision making to handle this health-sanitary global crisis. The Coronavirus nature has shaken the roots of our issues, more and more it is evident that our world has to fix them before proceeding further. Maybe some leaders have been better than others, particularly those who decided to work together as regions and have acted with solidarity in between them. Nevertheless, what we see is a “fragmented” save yourself strategy applied by each country, regardless the rest of economies. The powerful countries, displaying the top disruptive technologies still have not been able to contain the virus. And those who have had ethical values, without technologies, were able to stop the virus expansion. Youngsters (Millennial Generation and the Generation Z seniors (those who are now between 18 and 22), are going to face an uncertain economic recovery, which will put them in serious disadvantages for the next 20 years, not just to find a job after university, but also they will experience a demanding sacrifice, because to force a digital economy is not good either. The old non-digital traditional model, will prove and continue being around meanwhile people wish it. At the end the traditional model will prove to be the only thing we can hold to our rescue, when technologies fail.

“On eagles wings”. A handmade aquarelle made with love by Eleonora Escalante. Photo reference from Christopher Martin. In the case that I sell this little aquarelle, part of my revenues go to the photographer.

NAIQIs won´t help us if we don´t help ourselves. We initiated an ethical recovery on eagles wings, because there is no other way to sort out our lack of integral thinking when it comes to decision making facing emergencies. Without ethical values, our civilization, with all the NAIQIS (Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence technologies (robotics and automation included), Quantum Supremacy and the Internet) won´t be able to save us either. Of course, given the mild nature of this pandemic, the information technologies industries and sectors, have not been destroyed, but that is just because of the nature of this virus. But if we have other type of natural disasters, wars, or worst health epidemics such as the Ebola, be sure that no technology will help us, but ONLY the human values, such as solidarity and integrity.

Dynamic causes of disasters to humanity will abound in the future. Our planet needs healing. During the last 100 years, we have put in danger the rest of species, because of our selfish innovation when it comes to products and services. In our search to make our life easier, we have polluted the air, the oceans, the lands. In our quest to finance our endeavors, we have prioritized infrastructure projects for cars, even our neighborhoods and cities are designed in function of the automobile, but not for our well-being. In our pursuit for establishing prompt communications we have included streaming, real-time messaging, on-line television (videos), networks, machine chatbots and whatever we want in a little solid rectangular box called Smartphones, and we have put the Smartphone as the core of our existence. In our chase for producing cheaply and efficiently, we were planning to go ahead with the 4th Industrial Revolution, regardless that more than half of the world population, scarcely can survive or will work with that level of tech sophistication required to handle a live of robots and machines. In our move to help in the development of the highest populations of the world (China) we were experiencing the dis-balance in terms of markets, prices and local productivity of countries which are still making a living with an artisan hand-made approach. In our hunting for cheapest products and services, we have barred not one but multitude of industries which can´t reinvent themselves anymore, but to adapt to a worst digital imbalanced business models that are hurting the sanity of our brains. In our pursuance to be better educated, we want to kill the traditional presentational education model that is so valuable because it helps us to develop our ethical profile of integrity. In our continuation to never stop creating new disruptive technologies, we are becoming the robots without souls that can decide to destroy humans, because the most basic ethic virtues may not be the core of our life anymore. In our journey to be “better” our mind has been educated to make money at expenses of irrationally put down the basic ethical values much needed for our survival. These values are humbleness, meekness and peacemaking, mourning , hunger for righteousness  , mercy , courage under suffering , purity of heart , faith, hope , love and integrity. Is this the future that we want for our little kids that have not been born yet?

Today we will close this saga by connecting the dots between ethical codes and ecological societies.  When people are guided by ethical values, they learn how to live loved by God. God is the creator of every single aspect of our natural environment, and the long journey that we call life has a simple purpose, we are going to be in a process to learn to live loved by God. This process begins when we are conceived by our parents, and it finishes when we die. On average we will live between 80 to 100 years, and we will see the emergence of at least 4 generations. We will play the role of children, teenagers, youngster adults, adulthood and elders. Depending on our gender, we will be daughters or sons, wives or husbands, moms or dads. grandmas or grandfathers. We will be employees, or business owners, or entrepreneurs. We will select the private, the public, the teaching educational (pre-school, K-12 or university) or the charity sector.

 We will choose for a functional, a back office or prime frontline career. And regardless our role in the universe,  there is no disconnection between our journey for integrity and God oeuvres. Learning and implementing a life of ethical values in our daily actions will happen in every single role we will play. Integrity is a cluster virtue that will be required if we aim to develop loving God actions (at the behavior, attitudes, decision making, thoughts, emotions). Living a life of virtues is completely and wholly linked with the love of God, regardless your religion.

Of course the secret of love is living loved by God, and living under love´s God triggers the characteristics of Jesus Christ (the son of God) in our endeavors. Automatically, if we live a life of ethical virtues, we will be guided by daily reflections (praying time) that will help us to repair the past hurt, heal the present, build healthy boundaries and proceed renewed to a balanced future.

Ethical codes (set of values for our life and work) help us to live an examined life under God standards. Ethical codes help us to decide  in all our important areas (personal, intimate, social, professional, artistic, intellectual, emotional) with God´s values at the core. Ethical codes help us to challenge our moral failures, and keep us down to earth, to become a person of integrity within our communities in relation to the place where we live, the environment.

Since Genesis, God gave us the natural environment and all its species to protect them, and to live a life guided by God´s values, automatically provokes that we begin to build ecological societies. The blessings of eco-cities resurrection have already been explored in detail during this journey.

Methodology for designing and creating ethical codes. I will end this saga by showing you a little simple methodology that I use, in strategic headlines, when I help my clients to define their values. You only need colorful sticky notes or post-its and a board. It is a cascade values exploration exercise. Each manager and/or supervisor meets in person (not using whatsapp please) with his or her direct report employees, and proceed to request a brainstorm of ethical values or list of values that are required for each person in their specific activities at your company operations. Each employee is required to list 10 ethical values, and write each of them on a petit colorful post. Then each of the team members stick the random values on the board. The manager or boss sorts each direct employee list on the board, and classifies them in a way to know which values are the most repeated. Usually the list is reduced to 3 to 5 of them. Then with the help of the poet/ editor/writer of the group, the team ends up creating several alternatives of phrases that include the finalist values.  Please, you can use acronyms, or a phrase of no more than 10 words.  If we are in a big company, each manager has to do the same per team, and then the CEO with the help of his board of directors, sorts out the values and ethical codes per division or department, with the purpose of creating the company ethical code. The key is that every single employee must be included in the exercise, even the janitors or the cleaning personnel, operative, tech, marketing, human resources, logistics, directors, etc. No one has to be left outside or behind.

The organization ethical code will be set with the blessing of the board of directors, and then it will be rolled out to everyone, explaining each value in detail. The ethical codes or values have to be signed by each employee, and posted in the organization website. In addition, these values have to hang on the walls of each department, and the division of human resources or human capital has to constantly train the organization on the concepts, implementation and guidance. Ethical values training has to happen at least twice a year, regardless the amount of years that employees have been working. In the case of families, the exercise is simpler. Each family chief conducts the same exercise, and then the whole living relatives can build their own ethical code.

This epic has come to an end. Praying God that leaders of the world can act all together to fix the Coronavirus pandemic causes, all together, instead of selfishly searching for their own. Without ethical values we will perish. Without God, another epidemic (with high mortality rates) may come and if we don´t change our wrong thinking models, we will destroy our planet, and the humanity. Without God and his son ethical beatitudes, we are worst than robots.W ithout ethical codes and integrity, any corporate strategy is destined to fail. On May 1st, when we started this saga, I promised that the ultimate purpose of this effort, was going to be to cherish the fantastic capacity of human beings to recover together. We will need all of us to recuperate each other. We still are expecting to escalate our inner journey by understanding that only by helping us, we will be able to honor our truth and the rest of the living species. Only by helping us, we will also recover our losses from the Coronatimes. Eagles have always amused me. These God´s huge birds with extended wings will help us through this journey. “Eco-cities can only germinate when each and all the members of a city (and ultimately that society) share and are convinced to practice the same core values”.

Thank you for reading to me. I will take 12 days of vacation. Believe me I need some time off for spiritual recovery. Vacations are also important for our lives. In order to keep our brain healthy, we require certain amount of free days per year to recover our fresh spirit. I will be back once during this period of vacation, only to provide the names of the photographers which have inspired each of the paintings that I have shared with you during this journey. As you already know my paintings are on sale, and I must provide a percentage to each photographer (around 15% of each painting price), in the case that I sell them. Each original painting (5 inches x 7 inches) is sold at US$500.00/each (including the frame), and I can send them to your place, anywhere through DHL or FEDEX. The usage of these economic resources will be to fund Eleonora Escalante Strategy publications improvements and upgrade.

My next saga will begin on October 12th: “The Fallacy of the Middle Class: Overcoming Social Resentment”. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to me.   Stay safe. Follow all the bio-security protection methods and measures meanwhile the pandemic is not over. We will continue flying as the eagles to create or rebuild our ecological societies. Blessings.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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