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A promise fulfilled before starting next saga.

Have a beautiful week. I am so happy to return back to you again. After we finalized the last saga “On eagles wings: our recovery from Coronavirus”, I took some days-off. I disconnected my brain from doing analysis, reading news, and writing. I took a “stay at home vacation”. As you know I work under the modality of WFH (Work from Home) since the year 2016. I started with this entrepreneur effort since then. For those who have followed me since the first saga “Strategy Regatta: The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018)”, Eleonora Escalante Strategy has evolved and matured, and still has a lot of create, learn and innovate. All together with and for you.

My aim for today, before starting the next epic “The Fallacy of the Middle Class: Overcoming Social Resentment”, is simply to fulfill a promise that I did to you two weeks ago. Eleonora Escalante Strategy pledged that I was going to share with you all the references that I couldn´t post during “On eagles wings” development. Particularly those photo references that I utilized for my art-paintings performed during the pandemic (from March to September 2020).

How do I make my art exercises and paintings for this blog? The saga “On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus” was shared to provide corporate strategy hints on how to rise up after the pandemic, or how to sort out our main issues when in the middle of a health epidemic chaos. I accompany each of my posts with my own paintings. In general, the rule of thumb for visual painters is to get their own photo references. If we follow the rules or high art ethical standards we have to draw our own paintings using our own imagination or our own photos. Because I was unable to go out (given the Pandemic lockdown), and the particular circumstances of our inability to go out to the local zoo, or to local Salvadoran rural animal farms, I used photo references from other photographers. All my miniature paintings (size 5 inches x 7 inches) that are tied to each publication are hand made from scratch. I use the photo reference to draw the object using pencil, and then I start to apply layers and layers of watercolors, until I can hyper-realistically feel that I have done my best. I draw and paint at the same time that I write and prepare the material of this blog. So, when I am not writing, I am painting. When I am not painting I am doing academic or analytical research. I am always bee-busy.

No sources of income yet through art. To this day I have not sold any of my watercolors shown in this website, so I have not monetized anything. I am still waiting for academic sponsors and grants that I have applied for. So, please believe me, no sources of income yet to this day. Nevertheless, it is my aim to sell all these paintings, and to be fair and correct I should give the corresponding part to the photographer. Regardless if I downloaded the picture from a “gratuit” source.

Recognition of the value of photographers. Each photography that I use as photo reference for my art, is mainly downloaded from free-source website. But when that is not the case, I am extremely respectful of the work of the copyrights´ photographers who have taken the time to capture these images. I know it is hard for them to get the best poses or shots, sometimes they have to wait days if not months, just to get the best picture they can. And given that effort, I conceived the idea to provide the 15% of the price that I will receive, ONLY if I sell these original paintings, to each photographer. Without these photographers shots, I wouldn´t have been here sharing the following art. To all of them, many thanks. Gracias. Merci beaucoup. Once I sell any of the paintings I will contact each photographer to provide your 15% recognition. So pray, I can begin to make revenues soon.

All these paintings have been handmade with love on paper Fabriano (Fabriano Artistico or Fabriano 5, 240 GSM or 300 GSM), with several pigments watercolors and inks (Daniel Smith, Van Gogh, Ecoline, Finetec). The collection “Adorable Baby Animals” is the result of 5 months of painting under Coronavirus confinement. The collection in shown below. Each of the images has the photo reference provided.

Thanks to the photographers that made this art possible. Find their link recognition below:
1. Adorable deer:
2. Baby Beagle:
3. Baby Bunny on a silver bowl: Picture Getty
4. Pio Pio Pio Chicks Chickens:
6. Baby Giraffe:
7. Baby Koala: Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images
8. Baby goose:
9. Baby lamb:
10. Baby lion cub:
11. Baby Owl :
12. Baby Panda:
13. Baby dog Cocker Spaniel:
14. Baby Seal: (A picture by Joshua Wood)
15. Mom is protecting me:
16. Baby winter weasel:
17. Baby Bunny flamenco: (Vía Tumblr)
18. Fairy wren:
19. Sea otter:
20. My first hummingbird:
21. Blue Jay:
22. Tucan:
23. Twit Twit titmouse:
24. Eagles bald:
25. The chat
26. Baby Turtle:

Well this is all for today. Tomorrow Tuesday, will be my first post for “The fallacy of the middle class: Overcoming social resentment”. It will be a more analytical saga, but still with a simple and logical style. The outline will be given appropriately. I pretend it to be short (it will be finalized before 2020 Christmas). Stay with me.

Blessings. Thank you for reading to me.

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