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The Hare and the Tortoise: The race is not to speedy (X). The relative dimension of time?

“The Hare was soon far out of sight”

The hare and the tortoise, a fable by Aesop.

Last week the race between the hare and the tortoise began. As expected, and because of the Hare´s own nature, the Hare was extremely swift to a point that he was far out of sight. Hares are able to run to velocities of 70 km/hour, and predominantly these animals accompany their track performance with stunning regates (dribbles or dodges) from one side to the other one. Hares are able to perform leaps and jump in between 4 to 6 meters of distance, and up to 1.5 meters height. It was not an anecdote that the hare wanted to show off his capabilities. The hare confident in himself, and eloquent of his ordinary competences, wanted to show them off fully. The hare knew it, as of the beginning of the race, that he was going to win. And expressly, without shyness, as of the outset, the hare was too far away from the turtle, taking an enormous advantage from her.

Source: Cambridge English Online.

With the race on full deployment, today is the turn to develop subject number 6th (from our outline): the relative dimension of time.

How the relative concept of time started? In our history of physics, the first one who was able to distinguish absolute time, from relative or apparent time was Isaac Newton. Then in the 20th century, as we have already mentioned, Einstein hit the notion of time.

It is not clever for us, as strategists, to write about the notion of the relative dimension of time, without explaining beforehand that I am trying to summarize more than 100 kilos of books. Please, I encourage you to consider to read about Einstein, Minkowski and multiple physicists who have skillfully validated Einstein theories since 1905. Even contemporary physicists that trusted Einstein TOE (Theory of Everything), believed that he discovered the whole truth about TOE, but he hide it from us. Why? Because he was conscious that the more knowledge is left in people who are merchants of the science discoveries for the sake of making money, the higher the risk for humanity. Einstein capitalized in his own skin that his first discoveries´ legacy was misused and wrongly utilized with nuclear weapons, and during the World War II. In consequence, it is possible that Einstein kept the TOE out of sight. A misuse of his latest legacy, in the wrong hands, could trigger worst damage. And it is possible that Einstein was aware of the intentions of those who wanted his knowledge. If you are interested, please continue to study these themes by your own, and at your own pace. It will take you at least a year of study for all of us to grasp only “the basics” about the relative dimension of time. I am restricted to stay into this subject, because my outline is related to corporate strategy in the context of time, and I have to continue.

Nevertheless, it is our aim to provide at least the basic hints of what it means the relative dimension of time under the frame of the relativity theory. “The relativity theory has had the biggest impact upon our understanding of time”, that is why all of us must try to understand it. When I was studying engineering, during the first 2 years of foundational education, I took 4 core courses of mathematics, 3 core courses of physics, one course of statics, one of dynamics and so on. Even with all those basics in place, 30 years later, it is hard for me to remake in a simple paragraph about the theory of relativity of time. But I will try. Let`s begin.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is basically (in physics) the discovery in which the majority of our daily life is instituted. Think about the two theories of relativity coined by Einstein (The Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of relativity), at any time that you see yourself using the paper towels, or reading your preferred stock markets forecasting, or watching the laser light concerts of Disney thematic parks such as Epcot Center and other locations in the world. Every time that you see someone using a machine to read barcodes in retail establishments, or when you use Google maps, or the GPS of your car. Think about the relativity of time, every single time that you attend a doctor that has equipment which has been designed to make laser surgeries in any part of our bodies,  or when you observe photoelectric cells used in solar systems, or photocopy machines, or a printer, or a Smart security integrated system. Every time you can hear a plane flying above your head, or when you see your Smartphone using a WiFi signal. Every single stuff that is linked to the Internet of Things is based on Einstein relativity, and that implies to see all the work coming from the NASA and spaceships as founded on the relative dimension of time. Please think about Einstein discoveries, as the base in which our whole world is functioning at the moment with the combo of NAIQIs (Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence including robotics and automation, quantum supremacy and the Internet). Regardless that many believe that quantum mechanics imposed its way without considering Einstein legacy, please trust me. Every time you click the application of YouTube, or other social media that is ignited by the internet, think about the theories of relativity. None of our daily activities and business tech models could be in place, without the special and general theories of relativity. Why? Because these two theories are about understanding the nature of time.

In our constant search for making our business principles and models marketable to create wealth, we have forgotten that there was a physicist 100 years ago who was breaking through the theories behind our current technologies. During the last century, In our constant search to become as highly profitable with all our inventions, we began to turn off our desire to study for explaining our existence, and we have turned on the notion that education is a stage of life, that will help us to respond to the needs and wants of the labor force required to make more money. The disruptive technologies, with new and more sophisticated NAIQIs in place, are simply offering opportunities for investors, manufacturers and everyone participating at its respective value chain to make money.

All what we do in business and management, would have never been possible without Einstein and its predecessors’ sightings or findings.

A portrait of Germany born US physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein, who formulated the theories of relativity, Einstein is pictured here making a radio broadcast from Princeton, New Jersey (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Why has this happened? It occurred because Einstein was able to observe and understand some principles of the meaning of time and space.

The Special Theory of Relativity

  • There is no privileged point of view from which to say who is in motion and who is at rest.
  • The speed of light is constant to all observers, regardless of their own motion speed, or the speed of the emitting light source. In consequence the speed of light is propagated in an empty space (called vacuum) with a constant velocity and is approximately 300,000 km/second
  • Einstein claims that it is impossible to have a direct, intuitive understanding of time and space. Everything depends on your frame of reference. Distances appear to be shortened and time appears to be running slowly for speeds close to the speed of light.
  • Events which appear to be simultaneous in one frame of reference will occur at different times in another reference frame. This is called the principle of “relativity of simultaneity”. Which involves that whether two spatially separated events happen at the same time depends on the reference frame that you use to describe them, and it also claims that no reference frame is privileged.
  • The reference frame is nothing more than a coordinate system that is used to identify the same point in space at different times. For example: Someone who is inside a moving train wagon will use a reference frame that is different from someone who is standing on the station platform.

The General Theory of Relativity

  • The law of gravity is based on the general principle of relativity, which explains gravity as a characteristic of space and time.
  • The general relativity theory is intended to explain gravitational phenomena, which predicts a time dilatation in a gravitational field, so that relative to someone outside f the field, clocks (or atomic processes go slowly). This retardation is a consequence of the curvature of space-time with which the theory identifies the gravitational field.
  • The study of the gravitational (G-gravity) phenomena based on Einstein legacy has offered many cosmological theories in relation to the universe as a whole. Here we can consider premises as “the universe is expanding”, or that the universe as it is known was originated in a primeval explosion around 15×10^9 years ago. What is the exact day of the creation of the universe? Does it started with an explosion (big bang) or was it expansion, contraction, or was it a collection of infinite phases destined by our powerful God… 
  • The principle of equivalence in the general relativity theory tells us that we have no way of knowing what our situation is, because everything depends on the reference frame. Even the law of gravity is only experienced on the surface of the earth, because a bit above, things are not affected by it.

The Theory of Everything (TEO)

  • Einstein spent the last days of his life working in a piece of work that he believed would ultimately replace quantum mechanics. It would become later known as his theory of everything – it was his attempt to extend general relativity and unite the known forces in the universe.
  • By completing this theory of everything Einstein hoped he would rid physics of the unpredictability at the heart of quantum mechanics and show that the world was predictable in its own nature. Einstein thought that the way the quantum mechanics community interpreted the world was just plain wrong.
  • Would it be possible to continue working on Einstein Theory of Everything, beyond the black holes? Would it be possible to ignite in the new generations, the passion to search for new questions and answers about our universe, not just in terms of galaxies and spaceships, but in terms of what is the meaning of time?

I would like to give it a try. There are thousands of us (at Generation X and Millennials) who were not able to reach our own potential to create new theories for several reasons. In my personal case, I am trying to do it. I am trying to make this world a better place, by helping to offer new corporate strategy frameworks that would help us to humanize our destiny. In addition, there are smart kids and teenagers, from generation Z or who will be born soon (including my own kids with my beau, Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi) that deserve to find a different type of school that grooms them not to become a labor force to serve potential employers, but to educate them to be the innovators of future theories.

To innovate the new theories after Einstein and the contemporary physicists. It is not too late to philosophy about the experience and perception of time. To create new theories on how to save our planet earth. There is always a chance to start to establish new theories, instead of teaching kids only the fundamentals on how to set up any new businesses just for the sake of profits. There is always an opportunity to help people to evolve integrally at school, than to just use the schools and universities as producers of cheap labor force that is required only for the sake to make more money in our industries. There is always an occasion to celebrate school as the place to learn how to do new things. Beyond the usage of social media or videos or whatever… I still believe there is an opportunity to go back to our original roots of learning.

I even believe that if a black hole explains many things that we still don’t know, God is still the creator of it.  What about you?

Have a beautiful week, we will continue next Friday with our outline theme number 7th : Corporate Strategy in the context of time. Thank you for reading to me.

Bibliography utilized to get some ideas when writing today.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY. Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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