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“Loving to read as a strategist”. Episode 1. Prelude

“Another year has gone by
And I’m still the one by your side
After everything that’s gone by
There’s still no one saying goodbye
Though another year has gone by”

Celine Dion song.
“Happy Sunday” A watercolor exercise by Eliescalante, August 2022. Paper: Strathmore 300GSM Series 400. Photo Source reference: Freepik

At present, we welcome the inauguration of the Autumn-Winter saga of the year: “Loving to read as a strategist”.
Autumn is unfolding its fresh falling leaves to us. Here we are starting over a fabulous saga that promises to be something exquisitely dissimilar, a sweet spot for your reflections, and a positive missive that will be charged with joy, stunning findings, and amazing will of helping you to think with a 360-degree approach. We are so keen to start contemplating the diverse layers of being literate. We also wish to display that reading opens our wings to freedom. From this day on, we will dedicate the next 30 episodes to learning about the verb “to read”. About the action of reading.

Our saga´s prelude. Oh la la!. Reading again about reading?. Isn´t it a repetitive topic? Probably you have heard so many times from your teachers, that reading is important. That reading requires our attention, or that reading helps us to be literate. That you must read at least a book of 200 pages per week. Etcétera.

But what is literacy anyway? For years, we have thought that literacy is the condition or quality of being literate. To be literate means for many, still, that is to be “able to read and write”. This visually happens in first grade. But that is no longer the case. The term “literate” has evolved over time. Probably at the beginning of the XX century, the goal was to teach people how to read and write, and that was it. For us, as strategists, to be literate means to be knowledgeable or educated in multiple contexts beyond each person’s work, profession, or specialization.  To be literate means for this century and so on to be cultivated and whole as a well-educated person, as a lifetime reader. We ask you: do you consider yourself a literate person, beyond your ability to just read and write?

Learning to read is to learn to write.  Illustrative and non-commercial image.

Reading is a matter of love. Loving to become “literate” nowadays is a deep, tender, and intense desire and attraction towards the action of reading as a medium to become literate. It is an action that comes from our “heart desire”. Loving to read is a passionate emotional attachment to books, a connection to discover and find out a new world in our imagination, through the words that are coined into pages of paper. Loving to read implies that we have been taught or have self-procured a curious enough mind to search for “real” books that can teach us lovely things, beyond the Internet and further the massive storm of information from social media. Loving to read means that we have glued our attention to books despite the colossus and giant amount of information that we receive through all the platforms that abound on the Internet.

If we are in love with books, we can express that affection in actions. We are devoted ourselves to going to libraries and bookstores to find the sources of reading, regardless of the behemoth of zillions of data (and even digital books) that you can get from the Internet. By feeling appreciation for the physical manuscripts, be sure that we are blessed. By finding it irresistible to read, we partner in our ideation with the authors who have written and continue writing those volumes of books for us. Those who find books appealing are sort of unique people on earth right now. This saga will be refreshing for them. And if you don´t care about reading at all, this saga is also constructed so simply and is already made essentially for you.

Let´s learn how can we get madly in love with reading again. Our saga will be made with love, from the perspective of a state-of-the-art strategist for you. And we truly wish you can feel relaxed, and happy and expect to return to read us every Tuesday and Friday of the autumn and winter seasons to come.

The outline of “Loving to read as a strategist”. We have prepared our timeline for each week up to December 20th, 2022. This time we have tried to provide a calendar for our saga´s publications. Look at them below. If you wish you can print the document in PDF too. The content of our Autumn-Winter production is in the presentation slides.

Our next episode: “Philosophy, Rationale, and Objectives”.

Strategic Music Section.

During the time that we will uncover “Loving to Read as a Strategist” we will share with you pieces of music (made with real instruments) that will help us to get in love with reading. So, I will share with you only “one” YouTube video of music specifically prepared for reading. All the music that we will reveal, are songs or pieces of concerts that nourish our soul and bring us to a level of repose, peace of mind, and relaxation. It is music that aids us as a “hygge” predisposition to read. It is music that will allow us to calm down from our daily exertion routines at work and will help us to disconnect from our problems. It is music that has been proven to incline our brain waves to slow down and look for a book. It is music for reading chill-outs.

We encourage you to start each of our episodes from now and then, by clicking the link of play in the video, and then go up to the top of the page, to experience how different is to read with the sound of the harmonious melodies, specifically curated for your reading infatuation. Let´s get in love again with books, they need us as much as we need to relearn how to crave them.

Today´s Music experience belongs to a mosaic of several segments of classical music compiled by Halidon Music. Enjoy!

See you next Tuesday 13th of September, with the second chapter of the saga “Loving to read as a strategist”. Thank you for reading to me.

“Loving to Read as a Strategist”. Illustrative and non-commercial image. Giphy source from Nazaret Escobedo.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY. Nevertheless, most of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated. 

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