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“Loving to read as a strategist”. Episode 28. Becoming a strategist since kindergarten.

An amazing weekend is coming, and we will finish our goals of the week with the 28th episode of the saga. Today is about igniting the spirit of awe, wandering, and discovery in our kids. It is about keeping them challenged, on their tip-toes for learning, through different and multiple activities. It is about asking them questions. It is about filling their emotional tanks, with devotion and tenderness. It is about making your kids comfortable and relaxed through the demonstration of pure parental love in words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, meaningful gifts, and healthy physical “agape” demonstrations of love.

“Wild Honeysuckle Amour”. From the collection saga “Loving to read as a strategist”
Size: 20 cm x 15 cm. Paper Fabriano Traditional White Satinado 300GSM. Painted with Holbein, Daniel Smith & Ecoline Liquid Aquarelles. FOR SALE

As adults, it is crucial to learn how to love our kids, and how to help them to explore. Learning to ask the right questions to kids is what keeps them guessing. It is what then will be transformed into problem-solving, critical thinking, and meaningful associations for long-term memory and relational memory. In addition, the affectionate peace and relaxation that kids can live with loving parents is the foundation on which their brain development will take place. The mix of all the latter will help them to read later. As simple as that.  It is not rocket science to help our kids to explore and discover. You don´t need to invest thousands of dollars into that. You only need to convert yourself into a discoverer, into an explorer, and into a supporter of affection for helping your kids to be relaxed and full of neurotransmitters. No kid will respect or learn with his or her parents if the kid doesn´t feel loved, or if the parents don´t show genuine affection. No child will esteem parents´ authority if the kid is humiliated, and mistreated by the parents. If kids don´t respect their parents, the cycle of learning from them is hard, it is difficult, it is stressful and it is unpleasant. When parents are oppressive and rigid, kids will not want to learn from them. Kids will run away from them, and the cycle of learning at home is annihilated. In one sentence: if parents don´t truly show love to their kids, don’t expect the kids to respect and learn from the parents. It will never happen.

The manners that parents, tutors, or educators can help kids to become strategists are multiple. The strategic innovation assessments are embedded in so many ways. These are endless and numerous types of activities for the kids. I invite you to be motivated about learning what type of activities are better for your child´s learning style and experiment with them. Particularly before they leave home to attend kindergarten.

Our slides of today are a summary of chapter 1 of an interesting book from Judy Willis, MD, Med (1). I recommend to all parents bearing children to read this book as soon as possible. What I show in the slides is simply a paintbrush of information. If you are planning to marry and have babies, this book should be a kick-off priority. If you are already growing children, find a way to read this book in your own language. I like the simplicity of the prose, and it can be the first step in your reading goals in parenthood. Afterward, you can move forward to other books on the same topic. You don´t need a degree in children’s psychology for raising smart kids, you simply need to read good books about it. So, there is hope for mothers-to-be, or for current moms nowadays through reading.

Kids and exploration. Our kids are the most amazing evidence of curiosity. They are always searching, trying to find answers when they delve into finding out what is the significance, the purpose, or the sense of the things and situations that surround them. Before they start to speak, children are truly fantastic investigators. Kids explore using their senses: sight, touch, odor, taste, and sound. Since they wake up, children are always trying to find meaning from external inputs. When their brains don´t find an answer, they watch and look for the answers from the adults around them.  Mom and dad (and other siblings) play a crucial role in helping kids either to determine more meanings, or they can cap this urgent desire for exploration inadvertently. Each age of your baby is linked to his or her specific goals for brain development. That is why children focus on different things according to their age. Two brain processes are in the game: patterning and neuroplasticity. The three main brain systems involved in those processes are The RAS (Reticular Activating System), the amygdala, and dopamine.  See slide number 6 to 9.

These three brain configurations (the third one is a neurotransmitter): RAS, Amygdala, and Dopamine; affect the quality of exploration that kids can achieve during early childhood. Becoming a strategist starts before kindergarten, and the parents (particularly the mother) are crucial for its attainment. When children observe that their parents adore reading and are continuously uncovering the art of asking them questions, then that is how we begin to help children to learn beyond. When children feel they are loved and cherished by their parents, they learn to appreciate them. Kids concede respect and authority because they see their parents as educators. The reward for the parent is that kids’ respect is not a duty, but it comes naturally. And that is how the cycle of learning is nourishing. Parents need to learn that they can only gain the consideration of their kids, by showing respect to kids first. Every day.

If our mental models are wrong, our questions to kids will be mistaken. In several of the sagas that I have written in the past, I have remarked on the importance of mental models. Each of us has them. But if we have mental models that are mistaken or inappropriate, then we will condemn our kids to receive those wrong mental models… Adults will ask the wrong questions to children. For example, if a father’s priority is to talk at home about going to Mars, or discovering space and sending satellites to Venus, that means, that children will grow up with the idea or priority is going to space. But if parents act, read and talk about the priority is to love God, and love others as ourselves; then kids will do that when they begin to use frameworks for problem-solving in the future.

Adults ask according to their own brain development corresponding to their upbringing, education, ethical values, and life conceptualization. So before being role models for kids, parents need to relearn how to ask questions. Remember that having children is a huge responsibility. During the first 6 years of their life, it is the time in which moms (particularly the role of the mother) are enormously required to help their kids. By understanding the way in which the infant learns, and by dedicating time and daily hours to their prentice; that is how our babies can become strategists. Regardless of the learning style theories, it is vital for mothers to understand how the child is learning and how the kid “responds to different learning activities performed with the mother”: role-playing, hands-on exploration, auditory-sequential activities, visual-spatial-kinesthetic activities, asking questions, etc. In addition, kids require to feel that they are loved and respected by their parents, every single day.

The mindset of a strategist before learning to read. The parental role in creating the mindsets of future strategists has no substitution in children. But everything starts with the mother. It is the mom that is required to learn what, how, why, when, where, and for whom to discover, explore and challenge new experiences with her baby. Societies are required to rethink the way in which women who are mothers can engage directly with their babies without losing their jobs. Employers of the XXI century are demanded to consider a new working system for females bearing children. Eleonora Escalante Strategy advises a part-time load schedule (paid as 100% time), for all moms on earth during the first 6 years of the life of their children. Without time and support from parents to children, it will be impossible to create strategist mindsets. Kids need time and dedication. The stimulation of discovery in early childhood (previous to reading ages) is for moms to have fun and engage actively in the brain development of the children.

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Enlightening reading from theory and from reality.
The process of reading as a strategist starts during pregnancy. We have already discussed it in previous episodes. Reading from the theory and reading from the reality are two cycles interconnected in between. Both cycles are taught by role modeling from the parents to the kids. If parents do not enlighten a reader’s behavior through their own actions at home; then, nothing that I write, or nothing that other authors are writing, will help kids later when they will arrive at kindergarten. Bearing children is a composition of amusement and discovery. Every mom is authorized to learn about the learning strengths of children. And if being a mother of one baby is complex, then imagine what is to extrapolate that role for more infants. Each child is different. That is why motherhood is one of the most tricky jobs that a woman will have for her whole life. I believe that there should be a mandatory course about parenthood responsibilities and issues in high school and another one in the first year of university. By teaching the importance of maternity and fatherhood, and the implications of being a teacher for kids since pregnancy, I am sure that many teenagers will avoid getting involved sexually too soon with their romantic partners. Or at least, teens will wait to have sex until they are completely sure that if gestation occurs, then they are ready to raise kids properly (economically and as educators at home). It is a matter of being aware of such monumental responsibility.

In summary, reading as a strategist starts with the parents. Moms are required to support and become the compass for learning and reading to kids. It demands that parents take out the wrong mental models, and re-learn the beauty of becoming a reading strategist, with loads of affection to relax their kids between 0 to 6 years. It mandates that parents learn to understand the learning strength styles of the kids and stimulate them with discovery, exploration, and asking the correct questions. It instructs parents to become role models of good reading. The mandate for parents is to try to become strategic readers (Level 5 literacy) charged with affection, to teach with all their role modeling and activities, how they want their kids to become. If parents act daily with wonder and discovery. Kids will learn to wonder and discover. If parents are authoritarian and tyrannical; kids will believe that being rude and dictatorial is how they learn. If kids see parents reading and talking about books, kids will be raised adoring to be part of the books. Loving books as a strategist, commence with the parents. Don´t forget it. Please.

Announcement: Our next Tuesday´s publication is “Research agenda on reading for the next 15 years”.

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Strategic Music Section.

Music Reading chill-outs

Today´s musical reading counsel is about the role model of reading and learning to ask questions. How can we become skilled at asking ourselves questions in such a way that we can help our kids to build better brains and gain an erudition of a strategist? First, adults are required to be humble. To all parents who don’t read at least one book of 200 pages per month, then, it is a mandatory prerequisite to admit that you are mandated to change in order to help your kids to become strategists. If parents, particularly the mother, do not read paper books in front of their kids, from the age of babies, it is impossible for me to help you with my advice.

What kids observe in adults, between 0 to 4 years is what they will pursue later when they join kindergarten. Reading helps parents to learn the art of asking questions. Second, once parents admit that reading is important, only then, and because of their kids ‘brain development, the change at home will occur. It is not an option for parents to read. It is a necessity. It is an essential compulsion. More activities that trigger a strategist’s mind will follow in the next episode.

Our music for reading today is another holiday concert that was performed 2 days ago: Christmas all over the World – Weihnachtskonzert für Alle. Conducted by Polish conductor Michał Nesterowicz. Hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony.

The concert starts at minute 06.59 of the video. Enjoy!

See you next Tuesday 20th of December with the penultimate episode of the saga “Loving to read as a strategist: The core of the strategist mind”.We are almost done. A new saga is coming as of January 15th, 2023. We will sail with the Ocean Race 2023. Expect wonderful content. Thank you for reading to me. Blessings.

We are heading to the Ocean Race 2023. Photo Source:

Sources of reference are utilized today.
1. .

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  All are used as Illustrative and non-commercial images. Utilized only informatively for the public good. Nevertheless, most of this blog’s pictures, images, or videos are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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