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A “Deja vu”: we are losing the best of our childhood…

The more I read about the last emerging technologies such as machine learning, AI, big data analytical tools, virtual reality, etc… the saddest is the song of my heart when thinking about children and the little children who will come in the future. I spent more than 3 weeks showing you where are we going with these technology innovations, and the more I dig about them, the less I want my future babies to live as such linked with all these emerging technologies…
cheers to you and meI have the insight or the Deja Vu feeling that my kids (the ones who are going to come from my pregnancies in the future with Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi) will not experience the best of my childhood. And that makes me super sad. I am worried you see. I am very worried in advance.
I am not even married yet neither pregnant of him yet, but I have no idea how will I empower my future babies to play outside, to be super creative with the basic things we had and teach them to adore nature and love playing with pets, as I did it. In one phrase, how will our future kids enjoy their childhood as I did; in comparison to the tablets and mobile games?

kids playing.jpgI see how technology has affected my nieces and nephews… and I don´t want that for my own babies. I see my nieces and nephews completely sucked by their mobiles (videos, chats, facebook messenger communication, games) and the TV series, and I simply don´t want to see my future babies living as such. I can´t. It hurts to see other kids completely “consumed” or sucked into all the new emerging technologies. And I want to cry to see them as such. When thinking about kids, I really feel sad for them.

my worldMy main concern is how will I protect my future own babies, from the nocive effects of technology (by leaving the tablets and mobiles out of their minds) without affecting their future diligence and expected techie proficiency for good academic results in their future schools. I do not want them to be left behind their future peers who will be raised with mobiles and last techie stuff. But I am convinced I wish for my future kids an innocent natural childhood. And I wish they can´t see a tablet neither a mobile until they have lived as children.

OMG, it makes me so sad… I have the feeling that our best childhood facts and memories will never come back. And I really want to cry. As if we are going to lose part of our humanity…

giraffes love

What do you think Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi?…

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