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Revenge Strategy, wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless (XXXV): Genetically Modified Food risks and benefits

Today we will finish only one of the pending questions about the GMOs. Is it fine if we continue with our next questions over the week?.

Cerquita de las mariposas celestesxblog

“Cerquita de las Mariposas Celestes”. An original aquarelle painted by Eleonora Escalante, 2019. Paper Canson XL Cold Press 300 GSM. 9″ x 12″. If you wish to buy it, let me know.

A retention wash before starting: How do I personally work with corporate strategy design? Again, remember, corporate strategy is nothing else than to define what we will do with our endeavors in business. The definition of what are we going to sell requires a corporate strategy design and an industry analysis (if the industry exist).

Usually, I advise my clients on the concept level first.   What they should sell under a different set of scenarios and contexts. That is why I invented the entrepreneurial contextual analysis. And later, I validate my ideas with numbers, or with data analysis. I have learned to don´t rely on numbers in the first place. That is why I consider corporate strategy as an art. In the beginning, I observe a lot… then I follow my hunches and kind of my belly feelings. Next, I validate with the data analysis. I analyze the numbers to my consideration, but the numbers do not manage my decision making in the first place. Why? If the source of your numbers is wrong, or if we rely on fake data or manipulated numbers, then whatever we will do is going to be biased or wrong.

Other corporate strategists go with the numbers calculations and data analysis first, but that is not my style. Differently, by letting ourselves imagine our concepts, we are able to explore so many options. Otherwise,  we kill creativity and the opportunity to think out of the box to find beautiful value propositions that can comply with our premise to keep and protect our lovely planet and people. I think the best way to live is, to begin with “au naturel creativity”, sometimes artistic insanity corporate strategy design; and then, just then, proceed to validate with quantitative data analysis. Quantitative data is like the side dish at your plate, crucially important to validate your ideas, but we shouldn’t start with the numbers in the first place.

As a result, I thought of writing this as the last article of GMOs, but we will need to extend it. Today I will start to validate with reality (scientific publications which have validated the numbers), some of my GMOs reflections from the last three publications. I will continue with one or two additional publications about this topic over the week- I can´t just pass to the China-USA trade war, leaving you without all the GMO´s bemols sounds in place.

Let´s begin.

Which are the risks and benefits of GMOs with crop consumption at the agriculture and health levels?

As I mentioned in my last publications, Genetically Engineered crops can dramatically increase per area crop yields and, in some cases, reduce the use of chemical insecticides. But Genetically Modified Organisms do not end with the crops. Today we will see what happens with crop consumption and issues associated with it at our health and agriculture sectors. We will go from the particular to the general. In our next publication, we will continue with the dangers and gains of utilizing GMOs on the environment and planet ecosystems as a whole.

Please read the following slides. Otherwise, download them in PDF format below.

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If you wish to download these slides in PDF, click here: Eliescalante Revenge Strategy GMOs Risks and Benefits

Thank you. See you before the end of the week. Blessings.

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Source references utilized to write and prepare this article:

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