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Bees at work (XIX). Why gender equality is wrong?

As a woman, to write about women in the workplace is unlimited. I didn´t mean to touch subjects of profound strategic analysis in a skim way. Today we will continue developing some ideas about women in the workplace, for the sake of a couple of readers who asked me to explain with detail, and with in-depth components why I am against all these buzzwords of gender equality and inclusion. Basically, the reason why I don´t like the gender equality flag is that it has been used by the feminists “erroneously”.

We are women of God. And we deserve a future in the workforce with dignity.

I am a God-centered heterosexual woman. Based on biblical principles, with all my respect and consideration, I don´t agree with the LGBTQ+ philosophy. Why? Because it has hurt so many people who embraced it, and they are still not happy or satisfied with their change of gender. They will never be whole because their choice is anti-natural. This philosophy is nowadays destroying God´s decrees for our families and kids. I believe the term “gender equality” was utilized by the LGBTQ+ agenda to tell the lie that women and men are equal. We are not. We are not the same in God´s eyes either.

Let me explain why I wrote the following paragraph: “Eleonora Escalante Strategy concludes that the “identity of gender” and the “inclusion” terms were taken and utilized wrongly by the feminists. In their quest to push for women to be considered equal to men, feminism introduced wrong concepts that have messed up the situation in which women suffer from double slavery”. By trying to push women to become men, feminists have disgraced us. What do I imply by writing this latter phrase?

Gender equality. Definition. According to UNICEF, “Gender equality means that women, men, girls, and boys must enjoy equal rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. However, the reality continues to show that girls, female adolescents, and women in their diversity still face greater disadvantages because of their gender. The historical inequalities that women have faced in this regard continue to have intergenerational impacts that reach today’s children”(1).

Women are not the same as men. That is why gender equality is a mess.  Let me express again, in a more detailed way, why we don´t agree with the utilization of the term gender equality to solve the big issue of 6,000 years of double slavery for women. I don´t agree with the agenda of gender equality because women are not equal to men. It is so simple. Why do we have to fight for the inclusion of women in a society that first needs to acknowledge that women’s acceptance is not even a reason to battle for?

This oeuvre was painted thinking in Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi. He is my inspiration and my complement.
  1. Women as much as men are impartially not the same. Women and men are not equal when it comes to gender. I will be respectfully explicit. Our differences are more than biological when we compare our reproduction system and genitals. Our divergence is not only based in the fact that we may conceive and carry a baby for 9 months in our womb after having sex. Our distinction goes beyond reproduction. Women are dissimilar than men in terms of thinking. In terms of skills proficiency. In terms of the way we do analytical thinking. In terms of the manner in which we handle complex proble-solving. In terms of leadership and social influence. In terms of active learning and originality of thoughts. Women are different than men, dear readers. Please we are not the same. We are not telling that men are better thinkers than women. We are not comparing who is best at what and how. Not at all. What we signify is that women brains process data and information differently than men, and what we see clearly, many times is not seen by men. What men see clearly, is not what women get undoubtedly either. Cognitively, our brains are perfected in different wiring processes, in consequence, we also think and act consistently different, and eureka! We complement men when they are blindly wrong. And they complement us when we dismiss unimportant aspects that seem more relevant for men.
  2. Women as much as men can work in equal terms. Women and men can do whatever job you can imagine, and perform similar results under similar circumstances and be successful. Of course, there are certain type of jobs in which the physical strength of the men is required, and many women won´t be able to pass the bar without preparation.  The same happens to certain jobs in which women´s delicacy and finesse is required, and it is very difficult for men to perform. But all in all, we are convinced that women and men can do all types of jobs you can imagine in equal terms, if they are properly trained.
  3. Women as much as men are better in certain type of jobs. As I mentioned previously, since our brains are wired differently, women tend to be much better in certain type of activities; in comparison to men. The same happens for men. The problem of gender equality pushed women to become and act as men, when in reality they felt unhappy and broken-hearted. Even men who tried to help us, have no idea how miserable we felt by trying to copy men´s attributes in our search to be respected in certain jobs that were traditionally conceived for men only.
  4. Women as much as men have the same right to be paid in equivalent terms. When we land into the salary that women and men get, this is what is currently disproportionate unfair. So, the issue here is not gender equality, the issue is economic disparity, or salary inequality or payment inequity, but not gender. The utilization of the term “gender” has been misappropriated to express a salary-payment issue.  The unfairness of employers to pay lower wages to women is a mischievous error that needs to be fixed.
  5. Women as much as men must work together to solve the status of double slavery of women. The issue here is not “gender equality”, because we are different. The real issue is how to overcome the status of double slavery that women hold as a legacy of our history. The genuine problema is how to overpass that women don´t have time or chances for opportunities, because they suffer of double slavery. So, the problem was not defined well, it is not a matter of gender, because women and men are completely different by gender. The setback is that women have been considered as double slaves for thousands and thousands of years. And the salary inequality is the consequence of a philosophy of life in which women, regardless she is already prepared equal than men, she is expected to earn less. Or receive no payment at all for being a mamma and house administrator.
  6. Women as much as men must work together to defeat the fantasy that both are equal. Women and men are distinct. Just the fact that we menstruate every month is a reality that confirms that we are unalike. Thanks to God we are different, so we can complement each other. We (both, men, and women) can do the same type of jobs. But our working roles won´t change the fact that we are different. Once we accept our differences, then and only then, we will be able to overcome the double-slavery role that women have been bearing over centuries. By changing the men attitudes towards women, and the working structures for the purpose in which women and men will complement each other, then and only then we will honor our differences, and we will be able to request economic retribution on equal terms.
  7. Women as much as men must be thoughtfully respectful of each other. Men particularly ought to acknowledge that they must change from inside out. Not obliged. Not with punishment. Not with flagelation. Not because of complying with the law. Men should recognize by themselves, naturally, or through a process of re-learning that women are different and deserve respect to complement them for who they are. Men need to grant us the opportunities, the support and aid. It is not in our hands to fulfill the list of tasks for the double slavery role, but for sharing everything together. It is an ideology change, in the men´s mindset. As much as the Germans were obliged to go through a denazification process after WWII, then men are required to go through a de-enslavement process for women. We can´t continue living as double slaves, meanwhile men do not recognize this truth. It is too much for women, that is why women are always exhausted and angry. Our societies can´t change without the help of our significant males in the family and friends. Everything starts in the nuclear family circle. For God´s sake, if men don´t transform and start to see us with respect, the cycle of double slavery will continue, on and on, forever amen. Meanwhile men don´t accept their parenthood role as essential (not a side dish), as a helper harmonizing role at home, they will continue demeriting our efforts at work, and they will continue reinforcing the model of unfairness and slavery with their moms, sisters, wives, daughters and so on.
    In addition, pro-machista women must stop condemning other women who want to work. Pro-machista women have to stop attacking female workers as transexual or lesbians. It is insane and irrational! It is absurd to strike worker-women with gossip or rumours. It is offensive that the same women crucify other women. Hell in return is what a pro-machista women will get as a punishment for faulting, gossiping or for not helping other women.
  8. Women as much as men must sit down and find out a psychological de-enslavement process. An eradication of women´s slavery for good. This has anything to do with gender equality (because women and men are different). It is shameful to see men yelling to their wives as soon as they arrive home after work. It is deplorable to see that men enjoy their leisure time as couch potatoes (watching football games or playing video-games), meanwhile the wife is doing all the home-chores, without any type of help. It is disgraceful to observe how men mistreat women as animals, with domestic violence. To find freedom for women will take several decades and generations.

In the past, our civilization has tried to eradicate savage and brutish ideologies (such as double slavery), an example is the process of denazification.

What is Denazification (2).  Denazification is the term used to describe the process of removing Nazis and Nazism from public life in Germany and across occupied Europe following the fall of the Third Reich. In October 1946, the Allied Control Council announced five categories of Nazis, each of which were dealt with separately:

  1. Major offenders (to be sentenced to life imprisonment)
  2. Activists, militarists, and profiteers (up to ten years imprisonment)
  3. Lesser offenders (probation for up to three years)
  4. Nazi followers and supporters (surveillance and fine)
  5. Exonerated individuals (no punishment)

Denazification took place within all layers of German society, government, and administration, including in the economic sphere, culture, judiciary, and government.  For example, libraries were purged of Nazi publications and some former Nazis were removed from public positions. Nevertheless, denazification didn´t touch the businessmen who supported the Nazis economically for years, even decades before WWII. Denazification was difficult and complex, and never fully completed. In the high-spheres of German businesses, the Nazis were never “denazified”. And many people, with German ancestors, in our times have inherited subtle racism coming from their nazis’ ancestors. Nowadays, at the highest places, for these camouflaged neo-nazis, choosing a partner requires a due diligence process of researching the illnesses of 4 previous generations of the potential bride. If the hidden undercovered neo-nazi catches a sickness that he doesn´t like in the ancestors of the bride, then, she is repudiated and thrown away. Incredible, isn´t it?

We can´t continue pushing a gender equality plan meanwhile we still have hidden neo-nazis, pro-machista women, or masked nazi racists leading very important organizations of the United Nations or Governments. These people who see women like animals, or as second-class citizens need compulsory reparation. They need to be mended and rebuilt from the inside out. Any man or woman who supports double slavery against other women needs reparation.

Women also need to change in the process. It won´t happen automatically. Women need to learn to forgive the men of their lives that have hurt them. Each woman knows her priorities, and she has to educate with love to her partner and kids.

After expanding in our latter thoughts, I believe I have clarified much better what we wrote last Friday. Next week we will continue with the article: What has changed at work with the NAIQIs?

Our outline. Next Tuesday we will continue with “What has changed at work with the NAIQIs?”.

Strategic reflection music section.

Why did we pick Sarah McLachlan? Sarah is a Canadian singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter. She was a pioneer in a genre called introspective emotional music, at a time in which her brilliant voice privileged over the instruments. Throughout her lifetime she has been nominated 14 times for the Grammys awards, collecting three wins.  Sarah´s songs are sometimes considered a bit “blue” and gloomy. Nevertheless, if you listen with careful attention to her lyrics, as she said in one interview: “Music is a bridge… it’s the ultimate communicator of joy, understanding, inclusivity, acceptance, and love. When our civilization often feels like it’s dangling from a very thin thread, it’s more important than ever that I carry on.” Christianity is so needed in music. We need people like Sarah to talk about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit with her school of music efforts. She also comprehends this message, because of the love of God that you see in her eyes.

Songs for today go to Spain. To Alejandro Sanz. Three songs that we have chosen. The first one is “Amiga mía”. The second one is “Looking for paradise” ft Alicia Keys. And the last one is “Deja que te bese” ft. with Marc Anthony. Every song that Alejandro Sanz gifts us, brings my mind and heart to my adorable Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi. Nuestro amor será leyenda. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading to me. See you next Tuesday. Have a beautiful weekend! Blessings!

Sources of reference used for this publication


Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY. Nevertheless, most of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine. I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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