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From the Enlightenment to Business Models. Season II. Episode 2. Kant´s prominence

Have a fabulous Friday. The last of April 2023.

Today we are going to make an unusual move. We won´t publish until next Tuesday. When preparing the material about Kant, I bumped into a hole from Season I. At that time, when I was exposing the historical context of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Lands, I didn´t deepen enough about the kingdom of Prussia. That is not to take it lightly. Why? Because of Kant´s prominence. It is because of this chapter, that we need to go back and analyze what was occurring in the 17th and 18th centuries in the land of Prussia, and whatever in history that was connected to the context of Kant´s life.

With this move, I also wish to illustrate, that any corporate strategist must be versatile, or flexible enough to adjust his or her work. We are entitled to review as multiple times as possible, to reconsider and reweight our paradigms. Without any remorse for feeling anxious or apprehensive. It is in the details, where there are many greys in between, that require our meticulous attention. That is why I will dedicate a couple of days more to analyzing Prussia´s context before showing you the prominence of Kant.

In consequence, I will push today´s post to next Tuesday. I have altered our outline a bit, but we consider it meritorious to your patience. In the meantime, I recommend you to re-read the next two episodes that I wrote for you during Season I. Your homework for the weekend is to click below and read again.

Someone asked me yesterday what is my purpose in writing for you. And I replied as simply as this: To help our readers to think strategically. To help our lectors to visualize what it takes to become a corporate strategist. To aid our visitors to remember how beautiful it is to read from books, to become a bibliophile again. My compromise is with literature creation, not with Youtube. I am not a video producer, I have no appeal and no time for joining the Internet Video Hosting industry. My role in this universe as CEO and Founder of Eleonora Escalante is to design and create strategic reflections for the soul, as academically as possible as I can, without losing the simplicity to be understood, adding a philosophical delicate touch from my own school experience. As a passionate author, I wish you to read again. Enough videos are around that don´t take you anywhere.

My future is in God´s hands. In addition, this entrepreneurial adventure is the realization of many dreams I left “on hold” in my past life. Since 2016 when I started this enterprise, I have been following the glow of Christ’s spirit that guides me to assemble each of the 17 sagas, which are simply the tip of the iceberg, a little summary of 17 University courses, that I would love to teach (as a Visitor Professor) someday in Harvard, Northwestern, Columbia, Brown, Stanford, NYU, London Business School, INSEAD, or the University of Chicago. If God grant´s me the possibility, I will be enormously blessed. I pray every single hour of my life for these chances to unfold, and I can´t lose sight of where God is leading me. He knows how, when, and where he will take me to conduct all that He has guided me to think about during the last 7 years. As an academic researcher, it is beautiful to praise God with my work. Maybe God wishes that I live half of the year in El Salvador, with the birds of this land that inspire me when preparing these sagas; and the other half of the year as a visitor professor in foreign universities. For faculty professors, it is crucial to live in balance between the exemplary/faulty things of the developing world, and the pleasing/incorrect things of the developed one. Otherwise, top professors lose sight and teach irrational things such as the manipulation of Artificial Intelligence at MIT (for example), which is the wrong path to go. Not even Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, Descartes, Newton, or Kant would be happy with the way in which AI is heading us. And I also dare to assume, that knowing Jesus Christ, who is above all the scientists and philosophers, He would not approve AI and its digital virtual roadmap, because of the mistaken consequences of its current usage. God has his own methods to prove to us what are his ways, over time.

Find the new outline after today´s explanation. See you next Tuesday 2nd of May, with the relevant content of Kant´s Prussian historical context, more details about Kant´s predecessors, and Kant´s summary of his main matters of philosophy.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. See you next week. Thank you and blessings for reading to me.

Leg 4 will take us from Itajai to Newport. Photo Source:

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