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Saturday thought…


“No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated”.               Nelson Mandela.

Thanks to the people who read this blog. I assume if you already know what I write, this is just a petit refreshment of things you already know. If you will try Industrial Internet or IoT, it is good to refresh the basics. Particularly now.

If you don´t know the topics I am sailing, read this blog. Follow the links posted. Try to buy the books I have recommended. Many technical careers and other disciplines outside of business administration and economics do not offer the themes I am sharing with you. Even if you are a genius in Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Health Sciences or Medicine, these topics will be useful. If you don´t have the money to buy the books, google them on the internet, maybe someone has uploaded a free version of the book (even if it is an old edition).

bookBooks are useful. If someday in the future the internet crashes leaving the IoT and IIoT business models destroyed or leaving the cryptocurrency owners without a penny, we will have to start again with a brick and mortar step by step process (remember that new things always need correction, because humans are not perfect, and the internet is and will not be perfect either). To study the basics and the fundamentals is never a time you lose. Educate yourself for the future of your business, and also do it for your kids. Someday your kids will ask you about this material, and at least you will have some criteria to talk with them. This site is free. I am trying to make it beautifully gifted free for you.

Thank you for reading me. Gracias.


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